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Hot Showers and Neurological Symptoms

  For about the last year, I would say, I have been experienceing an intolerance for heat. After a hot bath/shower I wouldnt feel too well my legs would feel weak and I would just not feel too well.
  Now this is even worse. If I take a hot shower the following will occur; loss of balance, speech slurring, dizziness, major leg weakness and overall feeling of fatigue.
  Last year I had an "attack" of similar symptoms, at which time I was referred by my GP to a neurologist. He did an MS workup, as he called it, and concluded from Neg Mri's and other tests that I dont have MS.
  The symptoms that I described after a hot shower are present at other times as well, but worsen after the hot temperatures.
  My question is, what other illnesses can cause a similar reaction to heat? Is it possible that I can still have MS even w/those neg tests results?
  I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!
The symptom you mkention is called Uhthoff's phenomenon and is  
frequently reported in  MS, heat intolerance has also been reported in hyperthyroidism,
amyloidosis, Fabry's disease and with psoriasis.
The pattern you mention however is more suggestive of a neurological
disorder and it might be a good idea to have the MS work-up repeated,
If the initial work-up was done in the very early stages it might be
negative, so if this persists you should have it checked out further.
You should also hgave your thyroid checked for overactivity as this is
easy to deal with.
Uhthoff's phenomenon while it is describes in Ms is by no means diagnostic
so while this is wothr checking out it might well turn out so be a
non-specific heat intolerance, problem.

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