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How critical is an operation for this condition?

My father who is 82 years of age had about 25 days ago some dizziness, and unsteadiness and sudden dificulty in finding and saying certain words.

MRI brain with contrast revealed a left deep parietal multicystic lesion made of 3 cysts, the biggest 4x4x4. (Suspeected brain abscess vs. metastatic, surrounded by dense edema.)
Steriotactic needle aspiration was done Feb. 23 and reveled a dark yellow clear fluid impresive of Astrocytoma fluid. Yet C/S and cytological examination reveled no growth of organism and cytology reveled hemorragic clear fluid with no evidence of malignant cells. Post operativly his speech improved dramatically yet sometimes he still missed some words . The prognosis of the doctor is : Cystic astrocytoma of the Lt. Parietal Lobe.
He is recommendng that we operate to remove the tumor. My fathers concerne is since this is not a malignant tuomor can any other method of treatment be availabel ? The doctor informed him that the liquid in the cyst would reform in the future and that the only real way out was an operation.My father has had a cardiac operation 10 years ago with Aortic valve repalcmen by tissue graft and he is worried that he will have troubles and risks enduring the operation on the tumor.
Are there any other treatments or less intrusive procedures anyone can recomend for such a case ?
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This is a difficult question to answer without having all of the details of the case. Tumor debulking with surgery is typically the mainstay of therapy, and then depending on the stage of the tumor adjunctive radiation or chemotherapy can be used. There is a device called gamma knife which directs focal radiation to the tumor (non-invasive), however depending on the type of tumor and location this may not be the recommended course of action. Perhaps a second opinion at a large academic center would be reasonable. If you are in the area we have an excellent center called the Cleveland Clinic Brian Tumor Institute. Good luck.
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