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How long does healing take?

  I have an injury in the neck C3-6 from strain.
  I am seeing a chiropractor and he has helped with some of the symptoms.
  I was wondering how long does it take for the neck area to heal before
  I should look into alternatives.  Will my neck ever be as good as new.
  Also what is a good home remedy to releive pinched nerves.
  Thank you
Thanks for your question.  Your clinical scenario is a bit too vague to elicit
an educated input:
- How was the diagnosis of C3-6 injury done?  That is almost the entire
cervical spine - did you sustain a HUGE neck injury?
- What are your current symptoms?  Pain, numbness, tingling, arm/forearm/hand
weakness?  How was the diagnosis of a "pinched nerve" obtained?
- How is your chiropractor helping you?  Manipulation, massages?
Please post further information to this Forum so that we can be more helpful.

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