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  Hello....for a while I have been ill.  my illness seems to be getting worse.  About 7 months ago i started having involuntary movements in my head and in my arms and legs sometimes...mostly in my head.  At times i have speech probs.  Before this begins usually i will feel this "hot/cold" flash (meaning hot and then will be cold) all over my body and then this begins to happen.  I also have noticed balance problems developing.  I will stand in one place and begin to fall or stumble.  I also feel weak and tired a lot of times.  Today something new happened...On the left side of my face there was a burning sensation on my face and also in my left arm. and then the left side of my face became numb.
  A friend of mine is an R.N.  and told me that the symptoms I have seem to parallel those of a couple of patients that he's had before that had Huntingtons Disease.  I was wondering if this could be a possibility.  thank you for the help.
Involuntary movements are certainly described in Huntingtons diaease however
this is by no means the only situation in which they are found and the sensory
problems you describe involving your face are ihn no way suggestive of Hyuntingtons.
Huntingtons disease is a hereditart condition and to make the diagnosis
there should
be a clear line of inheritance, that is, one of your parents should have had the
disease, one of his. her parents before him /her on so on back through the generations.
If this is not that case I would be particularly doubtful about the
diagnosis, spontaneous new cases do occurr but they are very rare indeed.
There is not sufficient information in you posting to make any more
concrete suggestions , I would however suggest that you see a neurologist
and have this checked out.

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