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Hyerthroidism to cause Temperal Arteritis or polymyalgia rheumatica?

Can you have hyerthyroidism with temperal arteritis? I have all the symptoms of polymyalgia rheumatica too, : (severe aching in the proximal muscles of the shoulder and hips ).My TSH is 0.01  ANA panel is 1.7 positive and speckeled. They are doing a Sed rate now. I had severe  shakiness, full blown dilated left pupil, and tender coratids and temperal artery. I am under Dr. care and they are investigating. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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As you know, there is a known association between PMR and temporal arteritis, which is diagnosed by biopsy of the temporal artery, clinical findings, and an elevated sed rate.  The association between thyroid dysfunction and temporal arteritis however is controversial. There are several studies that say they are, and a recent French study that did not show any link.  But the gist of it is, there's probably some kind of autoimmune process that's going on causing all of these problems. A more generalized vasculitis, (more extensive inflammation of your arteries) is also a possibility. In the midst of your workup, your docs should consider an MRI of your brain and the ARTERIES in your brain for a thorough evaluation, epsecially with the abnormal pupil. If the MRI of the arteries is abnormal, then possibly a cerebral angiogram may be necessary. Treatment would be anti-inflammatory agents such as steroids and of course thyroid treatment with radioablative therapy or whatever your endocrine doc recommends. Good luck.
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Thankyou! I appreciate your thoughts ! Sincerely, ddcile
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I am not a doctor but have had so many things "wrong" can I offer a little layman's advice?  Have an MRI done including brain and cervical spine - this will show any occlusions in your arteries.  If necessary they can then do a doppler u/sound on the carotid arteries if it is felt necessary.  I too have hypothyroidism, MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, new hip, and occluded carotid artery.  Make sure you have a real expert do the angiogram.  If you don't get to meet the person before the examination tell them when they start that you want a step by step, minute by minute talk through the procedure.  God luck.
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Thankyou Serger! Sorry to hear that you have so many problems.
I have done what you suggested, all the test you  thought necessary, and all came out Ok, no MS, no PMR, no anurysm, ect.
They found hyperthyroid and they even beleive my fibromyalgia might get better with my treatments. Cross your fingers! Hope you stay well, and thankyou for your thoughts. I E-mailed you a ? on the other area  od questions farther down. Take care and  stay  healthy!
Sincerely, ddcile
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I am a Graves Disease patient who had RAI a year ago. I have recently had an MRI of cervical and thorasic spine and the determination was cervical spondylosis. I wonder if I should have an additional MRI of lumbar spine and brain due to prickly pain and twiching in my feet when I lay down to sleep which I was given Zanaflex for relief. Does the Graves Disease have an effect on the nervous system all over? My spinal cord seems to be getting pressure from decreased space and it seams like a drying up of the linnings can cause more problems in other areas. I had a bone scan about 3yrs ago and it showed degenerative arthritis and 3 months after the RAI I had a thyroid storm so feel like just walking is a good thing. What do they do for this condition? My Dr. has me scheduled to see a neurosurgeon in May. Just trying to get to my 59th birthday in one piece. Thanks for any help.
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