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I'm pretty sure my husband has hyperosmia.  His entire life (not a traumatic event), he has had an extreme sense of smell.  He can tell ingredients of perfumes foods pretty much anything.  One day at a work lunch at noon I had a rum and diet soda with lunch.  It is very rare (maybe once a year if at all) that this happens.  I didn't see him until I got home that night after 11 PM.  He could smell the rum on my breath when I gave him a kiss that night.  I had had lunch with the drink, later I had a snack ate dinner, drank water and soda in the time period since I had the drink at lunch.  He doesn't like to go into the city, since he smells the urine in the street.  If i need to give further examples I will happily do so.

His heightened sense of smell is affecting his life.  He would much rather be normal.  He works in sales, and if a client has halatosis or bad body odor he really suffers.  We live near the interstate, and depending on teh direction of the wind he gets sick sometimes from the smell of the asphalt/tires/cars on the freeway.  I have tried and I can't smell anything- I've asked friends if they could smell anything, and no one has said yes yet.  He always just thought it was something he had to live with.

His sense of smell is driving me crazy.  If we are talking he will ask me to go brush my teeth or use listerine.  I do not have exceptionally bad breath, I am normal- I checked with my dentist.  

He asked me if there was any way to lessen his sense of smell, and I thought cauterization of his nose might be an option.  I also saw online that Topamax could be used as well.  I haven't been able to find very much information about it- apparently Hyperosmia is not very common.

Are there any treatments?

If so, what type of doctor would be able to help?  ENT?  Neurology?  I have no idea.

Thank you for any help/suggestions you can give.

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My family jokingly calls my nose the "Super Smeller!"  I--like many of you--can smell everything.
I have researched ways to diminish my sense of smell because it interferes with my relationships.
My husband loves cats, but I cannot bear to have a litterbox in the house.  He got an automatic one and placed it in the furthermost part of the house, but I could not stand it.  I gag and almost vomit and no one else can smell anything.
The worst is that my husband and I have not had sex in 6 months.  We would go away to a hotel with a hot tub and sit in the chlorinated water for an hour before becoming intimate to solve our intimacy issues.  I guess the chlorine removed any body odors.  

To further complicate things, he has health issues that cause erectile dysfunction problems.  I have almost vomited while trying to help him become aroused.  To make matters worse, he has a damaged sense of smell due to exposure to chemicals in the military.  I smell everything--he smells hardly anything.  
He cannot understand why I am not able to do the things he desires sexually.  I have actually bathed him myself prior to our sleeping together so that I might be able to please him.
I know  this all sounds ridicoulous, but I feel desparate.  How can I say to him that he smells so bad to me that I cannot be intimate with him?
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Not sure if its worth adding my 2 cents but I also have a super sensitive nose. I have always been sensitive but over the past 6 months it is starting to get out of control.

If I am asleep I wake up when any smell is detected and the faintest fumes from a nearby factory really spark it off in the mornings.
I do seem most sensitive from about 4am to 9am for some reason.

When driving if there is a car way ahead on the freeway with someone smoking - I can smell it with all the windows closed. Smoke seriously makes me physically ill. Nobody understands it.

If I walk into a supermarket I can detect mouldy bread from meters away.

I cant use spray on deodorant any more. The chemicals in the spray make me sick. (using roll on now)

Perfumes make me ill and some scented moisturisers too.

Jet fuel from passing planes (there is also an airport close-by and when the aircraft are under maximum thrust during take-off they expel excess fuel into the air.. so sickening)

Lemon grass scent is a gagger for me.. so is certain roasted nuts or seeds (so weird).

Overall I would say anything that decays or is toxic in some way causes me the worst issues. I can't even take the bin out without hurling.. Everyone thinks I am just making excuses.

A few other strange things that started about the same time are:
Allergy to certain plastics (especially on supermarket baskets or trolleys)
Unless I am just allergic to other people. My hands swell up and go red.
I have had unexplained ear ache for months but all tests come back negative. This has also brought on some nice Tinnitus.
And finally some on/off kidney pain that also comes back negative on tests.

Everyone including doctors just think I am insane. I was prescribed long term anti-depressants for it all my symptoms.. I mean what the heck! I am not depressed and it doesn't get me down. Its just annoying.
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hi i have same smell problems, i smell everything every where and can not find any help to stop smells, docters and people think i'm crazy...is there any operations to stop smells? thanks
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I have found a clinic in lacrosse wisconsin that can help anyone who is suffering with hyperosmia
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Just got started reading and could not stop.  I have a terrible time with being sensitive to smells... perfume, incense, candles, etc.  People think I am whining but my lips burn and I have trouble thinking straight.  It is good toknow that I am not the only one with this problem.  I didn't even know it had a name until today.  
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I started experiencing hyper sensitivity 10 years ago to animals, chemicals, (perfume) smoke, body odors, foods, dust.
I never had these problems before, having had a dog, while growing up and a parent that was a chain smoker and we had carpeting throughout our home. I used to eat peanut butter all of the time and now am highly allergic (having had anaphlaxis attacks 3 times) to peanut oil in foods Dust is very difficuolt for me to tolerate and I get asthma attacks from it. Does anyone else experience these problems and what can be done to alter my lifestyle to become more normal?
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