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I am suffering from lightheadedness/dizziness

Hi I hope someone can please help me.  Im a 23 year old female and for a few months I have been suffering with random attacks of dizziness/lightheadedness.  It comes on all of a sudden and last for about 3 days.  Sometimes it is accompanied by a sharp pain in my left temple.  I also have a blurry spot in my centre of vision in my right eye but an eye specialist couldnt see any problems.  Please help as im worried and its very uncomfortable.  It doesnt get worse when standing up too quickly its just constant whether im sitting still or standing and im def not dehydrated.  Please help any suggestions would be welcome.  Thank you
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Hi there.

From what you have described there can be several explanations or possibilities.  Metabolic problems like high (diabetes) or low blood sugar levels (when meals are skipped) can cause attacks of light headedness.  Low hemoglobin levels can also give you these symptoms.  Migraine with aura can also explain your symptoms.  Auras are usually unpleasant sensations that accompany a headache attack whether before, during,or after the episode.  Rare causes would include a brain mass or lesion but your symptoms does not jive with such conditions.  I suggest you have this evaluated by your doctor.  Regards and God bless.
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Hello Dear,
Your symptoms resemble that of migraine.Other causes could be anemia, or a low red blood cell count , being overheated, fear, anxiety, or emotional distress, inner ear problems, such as labyrinthitis or Meniere's disease, which can cause vertigo,  low blood pressure , low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia ,low oxygen or blood flow to the brain, psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety.You should see a neurologist and get the disease evaluation done.
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Hi thank you so so much for your reply.  Ive had my blood sugar checked and its fine, also there is no history of migraines in my family.  Can I get heamoglobin checked at a pharmacy or just at my GP?

Thanks again, I just dont understand it all!  I stopped suffering for a couple of months but it just came back again yesterday.
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Hi thanks ever so much for your reply.  There is no history of migraine in my family is this an issue?  What can I do to ease the symptoms when they occur?  Is there any medication I can take?  Cant afford to see a neurologist at the moment!!lol!!

Thanks again
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