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I can’t sneeze or yawn

I’m getting really concerned because i can’t sneeze like i get the itchiness in my nose and i just can’t sneeze i inhale and can’t sneeze or sometimes when i try yawn it just doesn’t feel right and i can’t get a satisfying breath either i’m a young teen and i told my parents but they said it’s ok but i don’t feel like it is okay.
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have there been any developments with your inability to sneeze? i noticed you posted this concern Aug 17 and it is now mid December. I came across this thread because it is the same issue i currently have. I think the last time I sneezed was nearly a month ago in mid November and I dont know if i hit my eyeball too hard or if holding in a sneeze by accident a few weeks ago is what has triggered this issue. I read that the nerve that specializes in triggering your brain to make your respiratory system sneeze can get effected by either a brain issue so i'm wondering what is wrong and if it will ever come back to normal. maybe there is some swelling around the nerve and it happens to be near where i bumped my eyeball
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Hi have you been able to sneeze since this post? It’s been almost a month since I’ve been able to sneeze, but I get the sensation to daily—itchy/burning nose and watery eyes, but not so much as an “ahh” let alone a “choo.” Nothing happened prior to this besides having some allergies and a lot of sneezing…now, nothing & it’s frustrating and worrying.
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It's okay.  Sneezes are spontaneous.  They either come or they don't.  There is also no right way to yawn.  Do you overthink lots of things like this, and does that make you anxious?  If so, you might want to look into why.  
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Yeah i do iverthink stupid things this is the second time this happened but last time i sneeze after a day or 2 now it’s been like a week and i haven’t sneezed the yawinging doesn’t really worry me as it only happens few times but now with the sneezing i’m getting anxious because when i inhale the sneeze stops if you get me
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