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I have been diagnosed with Bells Palsy! what to do?

About 3 weeks ago i hurt my should lifting something...was my left should...from a 1-10 i was in about an 8 in pain...well the pain went away...on friday dec 10th i started to feel very weird on the left side of my face...it wasnt normal..as if my muscles were very weak..so i decided to go to the ER and they took my blood and did a CAT scan on me....CAT scan came back normal...but they said that the cpk level in my blood was way to high.. I BELIEVE NORMAL IS AT 150, MINE WAS AT 6000..so they diagnosed me with Rhabdomyolysis (HIGH MUSCLE BREAKDOWN). AND THEY TOLD ME TO DRINK ALOT OF WATER...SO 2 DAYS LATER I WENT BACK BECAUSE I FELT WORST...MY LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE WAS COMPLETELY WEAK...SO WHEN I WENT BACK THEY DIAGNOSED ME WITH BELL'S PALSY....NOW IT HAS BEEN A WEEK SINCE I HAD IT AND IT ONLY SEEMS TO BE GETTING WORST... AND I HAVE A DISCOMFORT FEELING IN THE BACK OF MY JAW ON THE SAME SIDE I HAVE THE BELL'S PALSY...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOR I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS DISEASE.
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I really disagree with the physician stating that medications don't help Bell's.  I have given medication out to all my patients who came in with a diagnosis of Bell's.  It didn't help maybe 1-2 patients, but that can happen.  

Well, the steroid will help with the inflammation, thus helping with your discomfort.  The first line of treatment for Bell's is a steroid and an antiviral.  Just because you take them does NOT mean is will go away completely or fast, but for some patients it works like a charm.  I knew a physician I worked with who had this, she took the medications and was back to normal in two-three weeks.  So, it would be WORTH you while to try the medications and see what happens at this point.  

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Thanks alot everyone.,...but when i went to the ER he asked me if i wanted any steroids or antiviral for the bells and i said no...i said no because he told me it really doesnt have any affect on it...that there were no proven studies that it actually went away with steroids or antiviral.. and from what i have read online it says that it usually goes away on its own without any medication...
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Hi there. Very high creatinine phosphokinase levels mean, rhabdomyolysis in your case due to possibly trauma.
Bell’s palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis resulting from damage to one of the facial nerves. Generally it affects only one of the paired facial nerves and one side of the face. Symptoms begin suddenly and reach their peak within 48 hours. These are variable from mild weakness to total paralysis. These include twitching, weakness, paralysis, drooping eyelid or corner of mouth, drooling, and excessive tearing in the eye. Significant facial distortion may be present. Prednisone used to reduce inflammation and swelling is an effective treatment for bell’s palsy. Acyclovir, analgesics like aspirin, keeps the eye moist and protect from debris. Physical therapy to stimulate nerve and maintain muscle tone may benefit. Prognosis is good. Recovery is within 2 weeks to 6 months. Take care.

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The ER physician prescribed no prednisone for the Bell's?

You need to follow up with your physician ASAP.
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I don't know what all the other symptoms you are having, but I got bells palsy years ago when I was pregnant. I can't remember what they said had caused it, maybe some pressure on a nerve or something. It only lasted a few weeks.. and it's not supposed to be life threatening, and will usually go away on it's own. I have heard that mostly the elderly get it..and usually in the elderly, it doesn't go away. I had to wear an eye patch at night so that my eye would not dry up at night. I don't remember having a pain in my jaw. Maybe you should go see a primary doc. ER docs don't usually do too much to help. They always tell me that all they do is rule out any emergencies. I have been to the ER several times in the past several months, and they are never able to give me any answers. I am seeing a regular doc now, who is testing me for Lupus.. That has nothing to do with whats going on with you...just saying that ER docs aren't always the best to help you further, other than ruling out emergencies. I hope you get some answers. I know how frustrating it is not to know whats going on with you!
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