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I need an answer please

Hi. My husband is 29 years old. He never had any health problems in his life, you would be suprised but he never had even a flue or cold and he does not have any family members with any neuroligical history problems. I know that his grandfather got blind when he was at about 80 years old, but I cannot say it was because of any genetic or inherited desease.
Almost two months ago my husband started to have a strange feeling in his left arm and hand. When he tried to reach things or to hold them for just few seconds he could not control his hand. He was driving ones and he had to stop in the middle of the road because for that second he could not change the gears.
We went to see GP  and they did the blood for him. His cholesterol level came to high 8.7 but the GP said he had other syptoms only because of stress. As matter of fact my husband was too stressed at his job.
We went to see a private doctor and he suggested an MRI scan. The result was a white matter, a lesion on the right part hemisphere and the radiologist thought it was a demyelination but he suggested to go and see a neurologist. We went privately again and the neurologist did some tests on him, like my husband to point the finger from his noise to the hand of the doctor, standing still with his legs together and close his eyes and so on. The neurologist said that he was fine and when he saw the MRI images he thought no way it could be a demyelination as it was only two scars in his brain and it should be at least 10 to start thinking about MS. He said that it was an ischemic attack, mini stroke, but my husband needed to do some other scans like MRI of the spinal cord, Doppler's one, ECG. He also mentioned that if it was MS, the syptoms would not be there for about two months, they would come and go in between interval times.
My husband did do the Doppler's scan and it was perfectly fine, ECG was fine as well. We have not yet received the answer from the second MRI scan, but the doctor who actually did perform the scan on the day said to us confidentially that everything was fine.
My husband does not have any other syptoms, apart from his hand and few headaches. We have the meeting with the doctor on 21st of November, but I cannot wait for so long. Because I am so afraid of MS and I have read a lot about it, honestly I am trying to find things that he does wrong during the day and believe me as stressful as it is for me, it is also for him. We have a 10 months old daughter and I have also read that a lot of married couple get the MS together, still they do not know if it is a cluster or not, but it makes me so uncertain for the future.
Thank you
Please help
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Oops...my last comment in my above post should read: "WERE the white matter lesions hyperintense..."

Sorry about that!
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White lesions on the brain and hand tremors/weakness in one arm...have the doctors looked into early onset Parkinson's disease? High cholesterol increases the likelihood of developing Parkinson's: http://uk.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUKMAR58291120080605

Where the white matter lesions hyperintense (it would be on the radiology report for the MRI)?
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I looked up hand tremors, I too have them off and on...I also have a dx of hashimoto's thyroiditis....I did not read that ur husbands thyroid levels were checked....by the way my thyroid labs r normal, but an ultr sound showed I had nodules....it is important as to which levels that r checked.(stop by thyroid forum and read health pages)
I have also learned that low levels of minerals and vitamins can cause twitching.....not sure of tremors.U mentioned that ur husbands grandfather lost his vision....did he have diabeties?Below is  a paste from a web site:

Results: 4 causes of Hand tremors 1. Autoimmune thyroid diseases
2. Hyperthyroidism
3. Monomelic Amyotrophy
4. Thyroid disorders

Good luck
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