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I was just diagnosed with Narcolepsy

Well, hopefully this is puts me in the right direction. I just got back from my Neurologists office and it looks like I have Narcolepsy. I have a host of symptoms that I listed in this thread.


I didn't realize at the time but he apparently checked my blood for a Narcolepsy gene in which the result says of the 6 possible genes I am positive for 4 of them?????

I did a sleep study in which they had me to the 5 naps 2 hours apart however according to the results I never made it into REM sleep but my Neurologist also told me they should not have done the test because I was on Zoloft and it impairs the results?

I wake up frequently at night and get tired often during the day but I never have had the symptoms such as falling asleep uncontrollably or passing out from heavy laughter or anything, just get tired often throughout the day.

Could I actually have Narcolepsy and not have the classic symptoms? It would explan a lot as most of my symptoms could be caused by poor quality sleep.


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Thanks for writing in.
Zoloft is known to cause sleep disturbances especially when it is taken at bedtime and not when taken in the morning. It is very difficult to tell without examination because your specialist is right that Zoloft will interfere with results of sleep study.
Please discuss this issue with your sleep specialist. Take care!
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have expereinced something since I was five years old. Off and on throughout my entire life. The last time I expereinced it was in 2008.
I was in Kindergarden during school when it occurred the first time.
I had just finished two cocos (one Jimmy Hunt gave me) and I busted into laughter and I could not stop. I could not stop laughing. The longest time that I expereinced uncontrollabe laughter was for two hours straight.
My eyes are also usually dialated. I act extremely goofy and my senese are impaired. I can see and hear perfectly but I do not make good decisions. Sometimes I start howling like a dog. I cannot walk straight.
I want to pull on something really hard. Usually it is a person's arm but sometimes it is a rope of some kind. But I have to pull on something.
While all of this is going on I am still laughting.
After the laughing stops I want to throw up. Sometimes I do throw up but sometimes I don't.
After that I start expereincing cold chills. I am cold but my body temperture says otherwise.
After that is over with I have NO ENERGY whatsoever. I can barely move.
Most of the time I go to sleep and when I wake up I am fine.
What is this?
I have other things going on besides this but I think the other things are unrelated to this. But I actually have a whole list of things that are just a bit odd. Like wanting to write all the time. I can write up to 10 hours in one day. Feeling antsy watching a movie in a movie theathre. I have never been able to watch a whole movie in a movie theathre because I feel ansty. I want to leave. When I was little I would put my hands over my ears and look on the floor and that help tremously. After a few minutes I could watch the movie. But after 30 minutes later I would feel antsy again. Things like that. Waking up at 3:00 a.m. almost every night. Things that are odd. I think. Just a list of things. I am just wondering what I am.
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