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I'm having brain tumor-like symptoms, does anyone have experience that can help me?

Please someone offer me some advice or tell me your experience with brain tumor symptoms. So far I have very frightening symptoms that lead me to believe that I have a brain tumor. I made the mistake of googling it and I can’t shake the thought of it. I already have an anxiety disorder so it’s definitely exacerbating whatever it is. With my research (google), I’ve narrowed it down to either a brain tumor, cluster headache, migraines, multiple sclerosis (just based off symptoms). I am also on Methadone (liquid) and I know it has some side effects, but nothing I can find and no one I have talked to does it have these kinds of symptoms, and I have been on it for 4 months now. I’ve had this pain once before in my life about a year ago, but nowhere near as bad and not as long. I wrote all my symptoms in the next paragraph as descriptively and concisely as I can. Please, if anyone can share a similar experience I need to know. I have never been so scared before.

I’ve been having this constant, sharp, throbbing pain behind my left eye for a couple of weeks that feels like something a bit sharp is pressing against it. I’ve felt something similar to this before, only it was exponentially less painful and would only last a couple seconds, one time, and disappear for months. I also had a similar, stronger pain once last year but again, it wasn’t that bad and it went away. Most of the time it is a dull throbbing pain constantly, the time varies each day but it usually hurts in the morning when I wake up, a couple times in the morning and usually by evening. The right side of my neck has been stiff since the pain started. My nose ha been stuffy and congested since the beginning as well. Sometimes I will be looking for something only to find that I already have it out and ready, but I can’t remember at all that I had already done it, usually you can “remember” that you forgot (sounds weird) but I have absolutely no recollection and it freaked me out. I’m always sleepy, I sleep 5-6 hours a day; but no matter how much I sleep (on the weekends for example) I can’t stop feeling fatigued. I felt a pins and needles sensation in my thumb and index finger one time when I woke up randomly at 4 am. It went away after I fell asleep. There are also times when my face will sweat excessively, no matter the weather. I occasionally have some pretty sharp stomach pains once in a while too, too often for it to be just the food I eat.

This happened for about 3-4 weeks. On my way to work I had an emotional breakdown, sobbing and all that in the car and generally feeling very bad. But for some reason, after this the pain behind my eye disappeared for 3-4 days. I told my doctor all this and they’re unsure of it, I’m waiting for my MRI and neurology referral but not knowing is giving me the worst anxiety of my life, to the point where I sometimes can’t function at work because I’m so scared.
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