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My problem started in 2004.Initially I had occasional (once in 3-4 months)episodes of feeling Dizzi while turning my head or suddenly focusing on something(black outs for a minute or so but never lost consciousness and got recovered on sitting down).Gradually I overcame the problem to some extent may be by doing Yoga.
Next stage:2006: I felt as if I was loosing my balance While 1.talking to somebody2.Seeing TV 3.Focusing on TV or screen.
This problem was getting reduced on it's own.
I am a 46 year non smoker,non drinker.I use to play(since long time) competitive badminton almost daily for 1-2 hours.There was no problem in playing,running etc.I had no history of fall or accident.
MRI with contrast:C6/7 mild disc prolapse on left side.Both the vertebral arteries were 15% blocked.Neurologist didnot detect any problem.Advised Physiotherapy only.The Routine blood tests were normal.The hearing and nystagmus tests were normal.
Next stage:2007:one attack of vertigo with nausea for 15 minutes while getting up from bed in the morning.The ENT specialist said it could be due to passage of a cannaliculolith.
The other problems persisted.No pain anywhere.
Next in 2008: Feeling of imbalance  while walking in closed corridoors,on marbled floors and riding up the stairs.
Gradually I am feeling imbalance on standing constantly and always feels like I should move.
Since last 2 months I am feeling burning sensation in my  feet but no loss of sensation.I think I am experiensing muscle pain in legs .I am also starting to feel joint mild joint pain in both the ankles especially while getting out of bed in the morning.I feel comfortable to stand near a support but not using it.
At times I feel the symptoms get exaggerated following a common cold type problem.
I am still doing my excercises as usual.Only once I felt little imbalance while playing but thats all.
I use bifocal (+1) lenses.
I have intermittent irritable bowel since 2000.I do have some tension and anxiety problem but I try to overcome them by relaxation.
Kindly guide.
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