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Incomplete transverse myelitis

Hi - I am currently undergoing a lot of examinations as I have 2 lesions on the spinal cord (incomplete transverse myelitis). One placed cervical and one further down. No lesions on the brain.

I am very concerned about the lack of progress the doctors are making finding out what is causing this.

So far I have seen a neurologist and currently I am being examined for infections.

It was back in September I had my MRI and lumbal puncture. As mentioned above the MRI revealed two lesions on the spine. Tests of the csf revealed oligoclonal bands.

WBC in CSF was 43.

Borrelia was negative in CSF and Blood.

Negative tests for HSV-1 and HSV-2 in CSF.

Doctors concluded that there was no infection in CSF. Thus suspecting auto-immune, demylenating disease (MS). I am told I have CIS.


Blood tests revealed elevated WBC in blood. Neutrophillocytes  (8.01), Monocytes (0.84), Leukocytes (11,3). Lymphocytes are normal.

They have NOT made test for oligoclonal bands in the blood.

Would you think this could be a postinfectious/infectious incident of Partial Transverse Myelitis?

Further info: Paraneoplastic markers are all negative. My general health is good and I only have minor symptoms that have become less and less since june.. (tingling, burning sensations on/off, primarily right side, but lately a bit more symmetrical.  Symptoms change position and severity - but in general very mild).

I am "positive" it is caused by an infection as I have been struggling a lot with urinary tract infections in recent years - suspecting mycoplasma. But when being examined by a MS expert it seems they want you to fit the MS diagnose and not investigate things much further.

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