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Increase in migraines: Feeling disoriented.

I need some help to figure out what my migraines are: They are so bad I am bed ridden from pain and from weakness for days.

When I was around 8 or 9 years old I was diagnosed with migraines. I was prescribed glasses and was told to get my eyes checked frequently. I had migraines every once in a while but they were always manageable.
In high school they began getting worse and I was prescribed a migraine medicine called “Relpax”. After a couple years they switched the medicine to “Maxalt.” I am now 22 years old and was prescribed “Zolmig/Zolmitriptan” about a year ago. The doctor believed the dissolvable dose would be able to work faster and be more beneficial.
I began getting migraines about two-four times a month and the Zomig was helpful. However about two months ago my migraines increased to two-four times a week! Symptoms are:
-Left sided pain behind and to the left of my eye.
-Usually wake up with the pain, however it sometimes will appear during the day.
-Everything seems 10x brighter than normal: to the point where I can’t see very well. (This will sometimes start a little bit before the pain and can last for days.)
-Blurry vision comes and goes during pain.
-Pain will last 2-48 hours.
-Pain is severe. I’ve had several ER trips so far this year due to the pain.
-Body shakes/tremors
-Weakness (I am unable to go to school, drive, cook a meal, or anything for at least two days due to the full body weakness)
-Random Muscle Pain
-Disorientation: Memory *****
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