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Inside tremor, earthquake feeling, twitches, pulsating

I feel that my heartbeat is all over my body....and is beating so strong that when I sit still my body rocks to my heartbeat.

I also have internal tremors and I feel like my heartbeat and the tremors or vibrations are linked to the heartbeat. When my heartbeats I feel an earthquake feeling too when I'm standing still.

I feel like as if someone is shaking my chair or someone is shaking my bed while sleeping. I also have random twitches and muscle spams.

I notice this sensation more when I pause or rest. so this means that the tremor/vibration/beats are occurring 24/7.
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The causes of your symptoms could be Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Anemia, Acid base imbalance, Chemical poisoning, Herbal agent overdose (Ginseng), Multiple sclerosis, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Magnesium deficiency or adverse effect of medications. Please consult a physician for complete examination and investigations. Please go for EKG, Holter’s test, MRI of the brain and spine and EMG and nerve conduction studies to help in the diagnosis. Please consult a cardiologist and neurologist for specialist opinion. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!  
Im 42 and Ive had this thundering hard heartbeat that sorta bounces my entire body since I was about 22yrs old. Hate to admit it, but in my experience with spine surgery, a small amount of pain killers/narcotics seemed to help sorta keep everything calm. If I have little sleep throughout the night (I have sleeping problems as well as some of the other posters here) my head will bounce in correspondence to my heartbeat literally for the rest of the day. If I do strenuous activities for more than a few hours - ditto: heart isnt exactly beating fast but slam-beating inside my body so hard its seems to force my head & limbs to bounce with its beat. Its sorta embarrassing at times, and impinges on my quality of life. Im glad I found this site, and Im glad (selfishly) that Im not the only one going through this.  
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Dear Dr Rajgopal,

thank you very much for all your suggestions... i definitely will give a good examination for each of your inputs.

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I have these exact same symptoms. I have had an EKG Chest x-rays blood work cat scans and so far nothing. Should i be worried about ms? The doctors stated that all my results came back good.
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I, too, have tremors, which are worse when I sleep even more poorly (always have severe sleep problems (have sleep disorders).  I shake worse with each heartbeat, regardless of how I've slept, though.  I have plmd and rls, but looks like somethng else is going on.  Also, hypersensitive to chemicals, so I'm careful with what I eat and use.  Wonder if there are others on this site that have this internal tremor, or, internal buzzing (as if plugged into an electrical socket).  I have this far worse in my left leg.  Been going on for years -never stops.  I believe it was caused by all the meds I took.

Please contact me if you are also going through this.  Thanks.
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Also wanted to add that I have constant muscles twitching too.
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Did you ever find out what is wrong. I have 2 small kids and have exact same symtoms for 4-5 months. No help from Drs and have visited every dr you can think of.... EMG, MRI, blood work all fine ... still buzzing and werid earthquake feeling shaky when I stand...
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Have your thyroid checked.
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Hi daniiii

I am just curious as to how you are getting along with this symptom, as i have been experiencing this lately. It started from heart palpitations then to just a general strong pulse, then to a pulse that rocks my body slightly and just very recently i have started experiencing the earthquake feeling with my pulse.

It's certainly very hard to describe to a GP, and especially family aswell. People just dont seem to unerstand what I am talking about when i get this.

The way it feels in my body is basically when i get these episoides, it feels like everytime my pulse beats, i can feel a electrifying/earthquakey feeling rushing through my arteries at high speed. sort of like extra adrenaline in the arteries causing this sensation. Sometimes when this happends I will go into panic because i cannot distinguish whether or not my heart is actually beating in a super speed rythim or it isnt. Ofcourse, if i feel my heart, it beats normally but the earthquakey feeling remains.

I've tried to search over the internet about this feeling and i have seriously found NOTHING other than this post which describes what i am going through. It feels like we are the only people in the world going through this so I was
Just wondering how you have been getting on with this symptom? Did it ever subside completely? or just a little bit?
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. When my heartbeats I feel an earthquake feeling too when I'm standing still.

I feel like as if someone is shaking my chair or someone is shaking my bed while sleeping. I also have random twitches and muscle spams.

I notice this sensation more when I pause or rest. so this means that the tremor/vibration/beats are occurring 24/7. . THIS IS exactly what happens to me. I suffer a lot. Im not sure of the reason, but i remember that this start to happen immediately after an earthquake. Help plzzzz
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Oh man do I know what this is like! It's mind baffeling and utterly frightning! It started happening to me about 1 month ago, and it's getting down right obnoxious now. I get it mostly when I'm standing, and am very invovled in something. (Like browsing the internet, which I typically do in my kitchen standing at the bar.) I did start taking a stimulant called Adderall for my type of depression which has been completely resistant to any SSRI's. It's been a miracle med for me, but I think this earthquake feeling is because of it. Mine is only in my legs, and it comes out of nowhere. Living in Southern California I'm pretty used to little tremors here and there, and this feels no different what so ever. I did sign up for the national earthquake tracker because it is that hard to tell the difference between the internal shakes and the earth shakes. I would love to know if anyone else has had this reaction to a stimulant medication, I sure would hate to stop this medicine, it's been a lifesaver and has saved me from my crippiling depression. So glad to have found others that have this, I sure thought I was going crazy! :)
Yep, Ive been having these shakes since I started my adderall prescription about 9 months ago. Not sure what it is, but Ive shown symptoms from all of the listed side effects at one point or another. it definitely feels like a cardiac side effect so I usually treat it as a sign to back off. Cut your dose in half for a while if the symptoms get too troubling, and tell the doc just in case!
Yep, I have been having these shakes since I started my adderall prescription about 9 months ago. Not sure what it is, but Ive shown symptoms from all of the listed side effects at one point or another. it definitely feels like a cardiac side effect so I usually treat it as a sign to back off. Cut your dose in half for a while if the symptoms get too troubling, and tell the doc just in case!
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Me too. I have this exact same feeling .and I don't know what to do .it started about a month ago. Could be anxiety,but it is so intense,I get this vibration in left side of my body, muscle twitches, dull headache like some sort of electricity is short-circuiting in my brain, previously ,I had shortness of breath which went away,however this pulsating vibration does not stop. It started around the same time I took Xanax for the first time. Could Xanax cause this? However, I haven't taken Xanax for about 2 weeks now, and this symptom is still present. My mother has parkinsons disease, I am worried this could be the first symptom, or ms, or worse of all als. Please, advice, I want to go see neurologist next, if anyone had this go away please post.
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  I found this great post on internet that says that 44% of Parkinsons patients had internal tremor, and I am assuming in a different study 64% of people with anxiety had this. So, I am still hoping that my INTERNAL TREMORS are just anxiety!!!
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Dear everyone,

have you tried smoking marijuana to calm the earthquake feelings? It has high medicinal qualities and may help you to relax.

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my body rocks when i sit on bed in crossed legged position.i feel this with every heart beating.i also have balance disorder problem.specially in darkness.i have anxiety pannic attack. is this a serious problem?
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Hi, I 've had these very same problems. It started with waking up in the middle of the night feeling my pulse so strongly all over my body. And for the first few times was so sure thre was an earthquake that i woke up my family as well. Truns out am the only one going thru it and it still happens and sometimes while am just sitting or relaxing too. All the time.
No idea whats going on. I have very mild hyperthyroidism. This happened. This happened to be after going thru 2 - 3 real time earthquakes. I was wondering if it did something to my internal balance or something.
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I have the same symptoms But now include with time syncope ( fainting), I have had them for years . I have been to every specialist from neurologist, to internist, to shrinks, to oncologist. Now I have a tingly frontal lobe to add to it as well. Every medical test under the sun has been done with no positive answers . Sorry for the poor typing as you can imagine reading and writing and typing let alone normal everyday activity is difficult for me. I do not have , MS, anxiety, cancer, Parkinson's , Lou Garrison's, my EEG normal, EKG normal, stroke,  or any other strange weird or dysfunctional oddity you can think of.  Thank you I just wanted to get that off my chest. Angel
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I've had this for many years now, maybe 10-15.. I lay in bed and I can actually hear the metal frame of my bed clinking against the wall with every heard beat.. I've been to many doctors and all they say is that my blood pressure is "a little high" but not abnormal or dangerous. It's always a point of focus and I'm always aware of my heart beating. Sometimes makes my body rock or shake, like others have said. I've just learned to live with it, practice breathing techniques to try slowing or calming my heart beats. I don't know if it's stress related or what.. But it's good to know I'm not the only one that has this. I also have that "fizzle" draining sensation thing in the base of my skull down my neck that people have reported on other posts. Again, I guess it's just nice to know I'm not crazy..
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i'm experiencing the same. I'm 21 yo and i'm scared. A few months ago, i hv bn diagnosed by a gastro dr with gallstones but when i told him abt the shaky feelings i dnt think it has something to do with my gallbladder. I also asked my mom who is a nurse and she told me that it might be my ear. I'm experiencing alot of shakes and it's becoming normal to me. But then, it still bothers me because i don't think it is normal.
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I have the same thing too. I'm 24 yrs. old, and I've been having this feeling for almost 3 months now. I was sort of relived when I found this thread. Its sort of an assurance that I'm not going crazy. At first I thought it has just something to do with constant traveling on rough roads. But its somewhat bothering me now. At work I constantly panic, because it feels like my chair is rocking. When I'm sleeping I wake up almost every night, thinking an earthquake just happened. I'm a bit stressed out lately, its somewhat scaring me. I think going mad. With every strong heartbeat, I feel the whole house is moving. Thinking also it has something to do with equilibrium, I had ear infection in the past too. And definitely this is not vertigo, because I don't have that key spinning sensation. I don't have trouble with breathing though, on some instances that associates with my palpitation. I feel pretty OK, just that strong heart beat and earthquake feeling. I really need to see a specialist, but anyone can shed some light here?  
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Hello.  So glad I found this post.  I've had these exact sensations for 6 months now, sometimes less, sometimes more, but seem to get much worse during periods of stress.  Have you found it to be stress related?  My bloodwork and EKG came out normal.  Doctors look at me like I'm crazy.  
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I'm 43, BTW.  Wondering if it could be hormone related?
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that  is so weird because it was after the earthquake when mine started to, I had 3 episodes of it this morning within a 1 1/2 hrs, it just feels like  vibration through my whole body nd then after i seemed to have a heaviness in my chest, no pain just a tightness, and none this ever happened till after the earth quake, the first time it happened i thought  wow i am actually feeling this earth quake,, very weird,   sara
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I have these same symptoms. I googled "Earthquake inside of me" in order to find this thread. It just awoke me in the middle of sleep. Oddly, my symptoms began shortly after an earthquake as well. In fact, it was the first eartyhquake I experienced that woke me up in the middle of the night. I thought I was having a heart attack, but it was an earthquake in NY.

After reading I am not alone, I too feel better. I am 29, recently been dx with anxiety. However, physicians frequently dx anxiety because they have failed to find the truesource of your problem. They also do this with gastroenteritis (cant figure out why your stomach hurts).

I will certainly not discount the earthquake cause, especially how several have it. I do also suffer from severe back pain and musclle aches. Also, I smoke cigarettes and drink beer........I have been trying to quit drinking, but it is the only cure temporarily for my back pain, and it allows me to sleep. The smoking of course coexists becuase of the drinking.

If certain it must be a neurological issue. Or maybe the earthquake threw off the rhythm of my heartbeat......who knows? Maybe that is what caused the first apocolypse? LOL
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there is a theory that some of you have ESP or extrasensory perception and when the intensity or frequency of the earth's vibrations are altered, your brains start to use different wavelengths because you are tired by the external "noise" and your body is not attuned to the change.

<3 much love,

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