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Internal Vibrations - I know what it is

I have had the internal vibrations for the last 8 days. I have been researching it and have seen many people do not know what it is and are worried about it. It is a trapped nerve in your body. I fell last week and a half ago and 3 days later started buzzing I didnt know what it was and started looking online and seen many people suffer from it but no doctor knows what it is. It finally went away after a week of buzzing on the inside not visible on the outside. It started in my arm then traveled to my legs, my head was shaking. I know some people get it in my pubic area. You may have it and do not think you have pulled a muscle or slept wrong but you possibly did. I took all the vitamins that others said to do. Magnesium, potassium, b12, b6 I stopped all caffine which seemed to make it better. I layed in bed for 3 days hirrified I had ms and just buzzed away it was until I sat with my leg bent resting on a ball that they buzzing just stopped. I then moved and it came back then slept on my arm which stopped it again the next morning it was gone!!!

So for all of you that get no answers or think you are dying, you are not. Although I have read buzzing can be caused by vitamin def, anxiety, hormones and withdrawels. First start pinching off some areas in your body like your arm or leg and see if it subsides. A trapped nerve can buzz everywhere like mine did... it was horrible but I am glad to say it is gone now. Make sure to eat well, rest if you can and take your vitamins and if you can get checked out by a doctor too.

In my case it was a trapped nerve from falling and it was buzzing non stop everywhere for days then just stopped. Stretch a lot and get a massage if you can too, it helps. Caffine aggravates it too! I hope this has eased your panic as I was when it happen to me.. I can breathe now finally!!!!! Phewwww
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Thanks for the info.... my internal vibration is mostly at night... seems to be in the trunk or core of my body. I was looking into various causes and seem to come up with a central nervous system issue. Am currently going to a pain clinic where the chiropractor uses the ABC technique and also has laser therapy to treat my degenerating discs in my neck.  I have a history of breast cancer where I had chemo/radiation which has left me with neuropathy in my feet and finger tips, hence I thought maybe it could be a nerve thing. I still have it but am hopeful that I will find a fix soon, but it does make you feel uneasy not knowing why it is happening.
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missmissy123 - Thank You so very much for sharing your information about internal vibration feelings in the body! Your answer is the only helpful one I’ve found & I’m sure it will help many, many people for years to come! - I hope you might be able to go in & repost/refresh its’ place in the line of answers on this subject, to act as like a “sticky thread” answer (where it would then stay close to the top of the line of answers, that would help *so many other people*, I’m *sure* of it! Thank You again SO VERY MUCH & May God Bless You!❤️
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