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Is MS diagnosis wrong?

I would really like some advice on the following please, apologies for the length of this question.

6 almost 7 years ago after an incredibly stressful week in work (1 of many stressful weeks) I woke up with double vision where my right eye wouldn't move at the same time as my left eye.  Lasted about 2 weeks then cleared.  Had mri scan and the hospital couldn't find anything put it down to a virus.

2 years ago now while i was pregnant approx 4 mths after another stressful period in work developed pins and needles coldness that went from my fingers up my arm to my shoulder down to my stomach stopped there but developed slightly in foot as well.  This was only the left side of my body this came and went for a few days almost a week I seem to recall.  As I was pregnant i did not have an mri scan but was booked 28 days after i gave birth for the mri scan.

During my labour of 27 hours i had approximately 4 fits where mid wife told me to close my eyes and push when i closed my eyes and pushed i woke up having a fit with my head shaking then as everyone was telling me to look ahead and i concentrated on something in the room i became steadier, this kept happening for the 4 four times.  An aneasthetist/doctor kept asking if i had pains in chest which i didn't .

Fast forward now, i had the mri scan 28 days after baby born and results were a high signal area in brain and told i had multiple lesions in the periventriclar area of brain hence told i had ms.

I have been ill since having baby, lost almost 2 stone in weight (not obvious illness but knew i didn't feel right) had tremors in my hands, my eyes had swollen and look like they were bulging very slightly and my thigh muscles seemed to shake if I lowered my body slightly.  Just had some thyroid tests and i have an overative thyroid and a possible diagnosis of graves disease.  Since taking Carbimazole I feel fantastic have'nt felt so well. There is a history of thyroid problems in my family.

My question now is did i have ms or was the high signal caused by the traumatic birth?? Could the periventricular lesions be caused by my migraines? My only two so called ms replases were things I could easily put down to the thyroid disease ( the eyes and the virbration/pins and needles).  I feel fantastic now and in theory according to the neurologist I have had ms for almost 7 years and now turns out i have a diseased thyroid as well so am i Robocop or could there have been a wrong diagnosis????

Anyone's thoughts on this is very much appreciated
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With the lesions showing on your MRI, it very well could be MS. However there are more diagnostic tests than just the MRI to tell for sure if it is MS. Blood work, lumbar puncture, etc. The lumbar puncture and MRI being the two main tests.

I will however, say that I've heard it said that most women in their third trimester of pregnancy do not have relapses at all.

If you're worried about whether the diagnosis is not correct, always go for a second (or third) opinion. Personally, I went to three: including one at NIH in Washington DC before I settled for my diagnosis.

Good Luck.
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Thanks very much for your reply.

Yes I forgot to mention I had a lumbar puncture and that came back abnormal, wasn't sure if thyroid eye disease and or thyroid disease could affect the lumbar puncture findings. I am seeing an endocronologist end of the month so will bring this up with him and hopefully put an end to my speculation.

Yes I will definately discuss a second opinion and look into this further.
Best wishes
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