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Is Temporal Arteritis found with MS?

I have had a relatively easy course of MS for 35 years, yet I am no stranger to a pain that can affect the whole right side of my body. It's hard to say for sure, but it may begin either in my cranial nerves (I have several spots which co-ordinate with various nerves) or possibly head arteries. It can be super intense and make me want to tear my hair out (literally.) I have all kinds of soreness in various places in my head as well as forehead and behind one eye particularly. Two times in my life I have had bumps appear in my scalp--once sore and once not, once cut out and once subsided on its own. I have had soreness at my occipital bone for 30 years. Does this sound like temporal arteritis? I am just now 59 but had the original bump cut out around age 30. My blood tests continue to look OK. Any suggestions on what tests I could undergo? Any medications I should try? I use neurontin, baclofen and cymbalta primarily. Neither my nero or my primary seems to care much--at least they sure don't help me. Thanks!

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     How are you? MS usually presents with weakness, numbness, tingling, diplopia, retrobulbar neuritis etc. The symptoms that you mentioned clearly relate to MS.                                                                                                                          
Coming to temporal arteritis, it causes headache, scalp tenderness, visual symptoms, jaw claudication or throat pain. It may result in blindness due to occlusion of posterior ciliary branch of ophthalmic artery. Angiogram of the vessels of the neck and brain can help in making diagnosis. Fundoscopic findings are evident after 24-48 hrs after the onset of blindness.
I would suggest that you get a work up done for both MS and temporal arteritis. Also discuss with your doctor regarding inclusion of immunosuppressive therapy with cyclophosphamide or azathioprine which are implicated to arrest the course of chronic progressive active MS.
All the best.
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Thank you! I've had all the symptoms you mention for MS for many years past. i was diagnosed with MS in 1973.  Are you saying the symptoms I mention in the post--soreness as well as intense pain in scalp and forehead, etc are also from the MS? If so maybe I should drop the whole idea of arteritis as well despite the fact that twice now I've had a smooth lump in my head. I also appreciate knowing the names of the progressive meds. What would you suggest I use as an indicator of whether I should also investsigate temporal arteritis? thank you
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