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Is an Enlarged Pituitary Gland Serious Condition?

an Mri (contrast and non contrast) recently done has shown I have an enlarged pituitary gland, How serious can this be? and why is my neurologist sending me to an endocrinologist? I have had headaches, vision blackouts (I've always had cold hands and feet too) since I've been 12 yrs old and the doctors always thought it was sinus infections. When I was a kid I've also been hit between the eyes with a softball and hit above an eye with a softball too. I also been dx with asthma, allergies, osteoarthritis (lower lumbar),ddd (lower lumbar) and mild to moderate spinal stenosis in lower lumbar S1 thru L3 and Gerd. I'm now 41 yrs old and it seems like I've had a lot of inflamation issues. What will an endocrinologist do? And should I be scared?  My vision has been a little more blurry lately yet the eye doctor says its almost 20/20 and looks good.
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I'll do some reading and try to be more complete later.  What I know off the top of my head is that an enlarged pituitary gland can be associated with headaches and with vision disturbances from pressure on the optic nerve.  With mild pressure it could certainly cause visual disturbances. but a normal eye exam.  You're being sent to an endocrinologist, because the pituitary gland is the master controller of the body's endocrine system.  The endocrinologist will do a more thourough history and physical to determine if you have any apparent problems with endocrine (hormone) dysfunction.  Also be prepared for a huge battery of blood tests.
Be back soon, I hope, Quix
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I have just been recently dxed with a pituitary adenoma.  Do a google to read up on this condition and how it relates to the endocrine system and read why the doctor is sending you to see the specialist.  See my previous posts about my condition also.  Not saying you have an adenoma, but an enlarged gland could be related.  My adenoma is non functioning and 10mm and I am heading for surgery soon.  Hope you have a situation that isn't that complicated. Did your doctor say how enlarged your gland is and how close to your optic chiasm it is?  Good Luck and def post and let us know how things work out.  
Hi, I just had an MRI too and my doctor told me I have enlarged pituitary gland. I want to know how did your surgery went? Was it successful and are there side effects to it?
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Thank you both for you responses, I'm a bit calmer now. to you Buffie123 lots of gentle hugz and well wishes and prayers from me. I hope the endorinologist will be able to help me. Thanks
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My name is Imtiyaz i have been suffering with headache since many years but headache would come and after few hours it go, but since 2 weeks i have continue headache i have heaviness. I got my MRI report it says:

MR findings are suggestive of bulky pituitary gland measuring 11.5mm in height showing convex superior images and homogenous post contrast enhancement with no discrete focal area of differential enhancement likely representing pituitary macroadenoma. A correlation with harmonal profile and clinical details is suggested.

And blood test and urine test report is normal, blood pressure is normal.

Can you please tell me why my pituitary gland has enlarged and even no tumour found in pituitary gland . please suggest what to do.

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