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Is it a nervous tick?

Hello, I am hoping that someone can provide me with some insight as to wether or not I have a nervous tick or if its related to my epilepsy.

I had a seizure when I was a kid about 10 yrs old where i was awake spastic but couldn't move. This happened when I was in bed at night a couple of times. I didn't report it to my parents as i had no idea what happened.

I didn't take any medication for this and was seizure free for a few yrs. when I was 18 I had 3 more. At this point i was seen by a neurologist. I had an EEG CAT and an MRI all of which came back normal. I took dilantin 300 mg 3xdaily and I felt horrible on that stuff which I took for about 4 yrs.

I wanted off of Dilantin so I saw the neurologist who said it should be ok. I was medication free for a few years. At the age of 27 I got a new job which was stressful at the time and I had to commute a couple hours a day. i noticed during my drive that I would get flushed and my left hand wouldn't seize but would become nervous on its own to the point where i couldn't drive with my left hand. i had to sit on my left hand while driving. this started to occur in events like attending staff meetings, driving, shopping in public shopping malls, dehydration etc although i never seized until I was 29 where i had a partial complex grand mal seizure with the "jacksonian march" while playing hockey.

I was seen by a neuroligist who put me back thru an MRI and EEG. EEG was normal however the MRI came back with a 1cm scar on my brain which is what they said was my focal point to trigger the seizures. I have been taking Trileptal 2 tabs of 150 mg each 2x per day. I was originally perscribed 150mg in the morning and 300 at night however i didn't like how i was feeling in the day so I asked my doctor if it is ok for me to take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

I am still experiencing the nervousness in my left hand, wrist arm etc. although I have been on meds and seizure free since feb 2006. Do i have a nervous tick or does it have to do with my condition or what?

I have an appointment late March to see my Neurologist and it is very hard to book appts with him. Do you have any insight as what it might be or what i can ask my Neurologist?

Thanks you so much,

Any insight would be appreciated.
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