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Is it always necessary to treat Autoimmune. ?
Dear Doctor

I have been having a problem of weakness in the limbs that from what I understand can only be Autoimmune-related. I also have evidence (CBC) that in both cases it started after an infection, with cold/flu-like symptoms.

The first time I had weakness in the legs was in 2010 but didn't last for long.

Last time it began in October 2011 and went on until August 2012.

At the moment I'm doing OK but since August I had weakness in the left foot-left hand that won't go away.
Also often there's pain in the eyes.

precisely all on the left side: hand, foot, eye, temple, cheek-lip (trigiminal I guess)

I don't ask for diagnosis which I know is impossible over the internet: I'm only wondering whether I should do something about it.

Whatever it is, can it get worse or cause damage if I don't treat it? provided that there was a treatment. Because Doctors haven't been very cooperative.

the MRI only showed signs of Sinusitis and they found elevated C3. and a problem on the left tibial on the EMG. at the moment all that has been ignored by doctors.

Should I treat it to avoid "possible damage" or is it irrelevant I just wait for it to get worse just in case?


this is an illustration I made on the present situation:

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