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Is this dystonic hypertonia? Please Help.

I've been experiencing weird electric sensations in my muscles that makes them feel continually tense for almost 6 months now. I was on a medication called abilify about 3 months ago and discontinued under doctor's instructions. Unfortunately I'm still feeling the discomfort and tension. I was wondering if this could possibly be Tardive dystonia? If so, are there any effective ways to diagnose it through the blood and urine or is diagnosis purely based on physical examination?

I also developed Gastroparesis within this year. I'm not diabetic and my serum copper was negative for Wilson's disease.


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I would greatly appreciate some advice...

I've been experiencing buzzing uncomfortable sensations that are particularly noticeble in the toes on my left foot. These have gone on for about 6 months. I also have a tight uncomfortable rigidity in my shoulders and a stretchy, tense sort of feeling in my spine. Both of these impact my sleep sometimes and I always feel somewhat uncomfortable during the day when I'm just sitting back trying to relax.

I've had a lot of bloodwork done over the past year. My liver enzymes were elevated inexplicablly for a few months, but that's about the only abnormality that has been identified. My Brain MRI, Liver CT, Abdominal endoscopy were all clean. I was checked for Wilsons, Hepatitis, Thyroid disorders, Diabetes. all were negative. i'm trying my best to move on with my life and make the best of things until the problem is identified. The Gastroparesis started off with intense pain in my abdomen, but then the pain stopped after about 5 months. It is a blessing that at least that isn't there anymore.  

The main symptoms bothering me are the discomfort in my shoulders and the buzz feeling that gives me the urge to move my toes down and up. I have a theory that a lot of my problems could be related to a spinal lesion, but I don't have proof of this yet since I haven't had a spinal mri done. The tests I've sort of figured could possibly be helpful are in no particular order:

Lumbar Puncture
Spinal MRI

Are there any other tests or questions that you think I could ask my neurologist next time I see him?

Thank you so much.
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