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Is this typical of early als ?


Any view help really appreciated. I am 50 years old by the way.

First symptom, noticed fasciculations twitching early December in calves and left forearm. Since also noticed in feet, left bicep and occasionally both shoulders (more a twitch there) so fairly widespread.

Since Xmas experienced a tightness pressure type ache/pain in bicep/underarm area, pains in forearm sometimes and a developing stiffness / arthritic feel  in left hand fingers and ache in thumb when rotated. Can still do full range of movement pinch fine and no obvious weakness/failure.

Other symptoms, left elbow started to make an audible crackle (not popping) sound as it’s bent, since Xmas.

Thinking I may see a neuro or should I wait longer or for weakness to bother anyone.

Thanks for your help


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It's not unusual for someone in your age group to start experiencing these types of symptoms so something like ALS wouldn't be at the top of the list even though you have a family history.

It doesn't necessarily mean you've had multiple strains or injuries but thats not out of posibilities either, a cervical spinal issue can effect from your shoulder down to your thumb, and because of the thumb involvement it could even be a median or radia nerve entrapment...

See your family dr and get it checked out.........JJ
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What made you think it could be something like ALS?

Have you  considered the more common explanations  eg imbalanced diet and or vitamin deficiency, physical activity beyond fitness level, muscle strain etc etc ?

Youd be better off seeing your family doctor and getting some basic tests run...............JJ
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Hi. Thx for reply. No past physical activity to explain what’s going on. Upper arm tightnesss and arthritic type hand thumb is new to me. Don’t believe I’ve strained bicep forearm and hand. Mum died from als, she had foot drop first but never really discussed her symptoms. Unfortunately  I’m more familiar with end stage. Just wanted to know if my symptoms were typical/familiar to others.

Thx  Oxy
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