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Jerks/twitching when relaxing muscles?

For almost 2 years now I had these muscle jerks. I've done a MRI, muscle tests and been to a neurologist. They think I'm crazy. The jerking, or cramping (?) comes when I relax. They move around in all of my body on both sides. If I relax they can randomly go left foot - a finger - neck - left foot again - right leg and so on. The jerks are discreet but visible if you are aware of them. Problem is they rarely come when I'm at the doctors.

Psychiatric meds makes them worse, especially SSRIs. I tried Neurontin and had success until week 2 when my jerks got stronger so I quit. I feel so left out with this and afraid to get worse. I had one period of a few months when they went away but came back.

Other symptoms: Agonizing restlessness, sometimes tremor, stiffness in arms, internal vibrations in left leg that comes and goes (sometimes non existent for a few months), fatique, severe brain fog and so on. I'm 25 years old and female. Never been on neuroleptics. Have no issues with pain. Before this I was on no other meds than birth control and occasionally valium.
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Forgot to say that I tried probably every supplement you can think of so please no magnesium talk.
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You are describing fasciculations.  In the absence of weakness in the affected area, they pretty much mean nothing.  Fasciculations originate in the peripheral nervous system (not brain or spinal cord), so scratch MS off your list.  I say, don't give up on medication.  It takes some trial and error to get Neurontin (gabapentin) dose accurate.  If it doesn't work, there's at least a half dozen more that might work.  You may need a new EMG/NCS every 6 months or so, but only if symptoms are evolving.
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Unless you have lasting weakness in those muscles that twitch (fasciculations), don't worry.  Stress is likely making everything worse.  Take magnesium 200-400 mg per day and focus on happiness.  Find a neurologist you like/trust.  Get a repeat EMG in the future.  Again, don't let this alter your quality of life.
Oops, I answered you twice.  I did mention mag...cause it's relatively benign and it can work.  Unless you took meds/supplements at right doses for at least 8 weeks, we can say these things don't work. Good luck.
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