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Ketogenic Diet

I am interested in finding out if Ketogenic Diet treatment has been used for any other neurological disorders besides epilepsy in children?  I have been suffering from acute panic disorder, which has been similar to sezures.  I have had this condition for 5 years and am current being treated with 20 mg Paxil daily.  The Paxil has been effective but I would really be interested in trying a diet approach.

During the testing period, which included, CBC, EKG, 24 hour urine analysis, heart monitor, I mentioned to the various doctors that I had been on a low fat diet.  This did not seem to be significate to them but I wondered, even though I had never heard of the Ketogenic Diet.  There seemed to be a corolation to me. I have no history of drug use or head injury or family history of sezure disorders.  

I'm not even sure that panic disorder is considered a neurological disorder, however, my episodes would come on similarly to sezures and continue repeatedly throughout the day and night.  I became limited in my activities, could not drive or even walk by myself for fear of having an attack.  

I saw several doctors and tried multiple medications. Paxil, with a small dose of Xanex (sp?) did the trick, however, I have to take it every day.  I have discontinued the Xanex without difficulty, but the Paxil causes unpleasant withdrawal side effects if I miss a day.

Any information or referral would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Dear Karen M:

The ketogenic diet has been used for other certain metabolic abnormalities that involve the glucose transporter system, and a very similar (but not as high in fat) diet has been used for weight loss (Atkins Diet).  There has been talk about trying to use it for a particular brain tumor, gliablastoma multiforma (GBS).  I am not aware of any other uses for the diet.  

The diet is very strict and even the best of intentions sometimes will fall away and the patients cannot maintain the diet.  In your case, I would not recommend the diet as it would be extremely difficult to maintain the diet.  There has been no study to indicate it would work with symptoms as you describe.  We do not know how it works physicologically.  

I am sorry your having the symptoms you describe.  However, the ketogenic diet is not likely the solution.


CCF Neuro MD
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