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Knee replacement-leg pain

I have been told that I need knee replacements... have bone on bone in fact it is scheduled for one knee

I feel that I weigh to much (like around 300)  and have pains that are not part of the knee problem so the question is ...

I CAN'T GET UP FROM A SITTING POSTION... and have dont' have pain from knees unless I do a lot of walking but every time I try to stand up from a sitting positon .. I just can't do it with out help or something to push me up...when laying down I find that if I move my legs or wiggle them I can then stand...

I saying -- my legs just don't want to work.. it isn't so much as pain as it is they just act like they will fail me

The first time I had this problem they told me I had taken to many pills... pain killers -- I been told I have weak - I don't see new Knees helping me... ????????
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Hello WaLady42,

Most likely you are having symptoms of osteoarthritis? What is your age? Is the symptoms have been more prominent in the morning, when you put your first step out to work? Take an X ray and if symptoms mimic osteoarthritis then take some pain killers like ibuprofen and glucosamine for better joint lubrication.

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I am 65... and yes I have Osteoarthrits... I am really sure that having a knee replaced will not make easy to stand for any lenght of time.. or get up from a sitting position...

I hope I have made this problem clear... I just feel my body has to many problems based on the weight... to have a knee replacement help at this point....

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I have two  knee  replacement  done one was done on April  26 / 2011 and the other  was done  on may 21/ 2013 not too long ago  but my legs are in pain the back off my legs sometimes  I can't sleep  at all because  off  the  pain sometimes  their  swallowed  in both  legs  what  can  you says  to me ca  you help  me

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