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Laminectomies for decompression of spinal cord

For 8 continuous years I sufferred stress due to overwhelming workload caused by shortage of personnel.  In June 2007 the work environment became overwhelmingly hostile, created by management and affected an entire clinical staff.  I was personally attacked continuously, daily with attacks of retaliation for filing complaints.  The one-on-one attacks began in Oct 07 and were daily up to 8 Feb 08.  I and other personnel filed complaints and as a result, an investigation was conducted and two managers were fired, one got frightened and retired.  However, the damage to my entire physiological existence had already been done.  It was destroyed!  Feb 8, 2008, after a hostile attack from personnel on the job my BP shot up to 173/120, causing weakness, aching, tingling, burning in right leg, from hip to foot.  Thought to have had a stroke, but MRI revealed large syrinx localized to the upper spinal cord; mild-to-moderately severe cervical spondylosis, small central disc fragment at C4-C5; left pericentral broad-based disc fragment at C5-C6.  I was advised by the neurosurgeon in Apr 08 that surgery needed to be performed urgently, within a few days after my visit.  I waited a while, but the discomforts were getting increasingly worse.  Jun 25, 2008 the surgery procedures were performed-Suboccipital craniectomy; C1-C6 bilateral laminectomies for decompression of the spinal cord; Intramedullary excision of spinal cord tumor with drainage of spinal cord cyst.  During surgery my SSEPs were completely lost on the left side, and returned, but not fully, only returned at 50%.  As a result, I was hospitalized for 1 week, in rehab for 1 month, in outpatient physical therapy for 5 months.  I'm 100% disabled due to neurologic deficits, excruciating chronic neuropathic pain. I suffer tingling, numbness, electric, shooting, throbbing, aching pain on left side, from head to foot.  My left leg is weak, my left arm is awfully heavy.  I'm incontinent.  I suffer chronic constipation.  My head and neck feel like a center block brick sitting on my shoulder.  I've developed Morton's Neuroma in my left foot.  I developed a DVT in my left leg while in rehab.  Ultrasound taken in May 09 revealed that the DVT has dissolved.  I was initially told I would return to work in 6 wks, then 4 mths, then 12-18 months.  MRI taken in Oct 08, Feb 09, May 09 reveal scar tissue, Syrinix has reappeared in the upper cervical region extending into the level of the foramen magnum.  The weakness, aching, burning, tingling have reappeared in my right leg/foot.  Questions are, can the spinal fluid and tumor be caused by physological stress?  Will my neurologic deficits and pain ever go away and/or will I ever get better?  What happens when the SSEPs are lost?  What are the negatives of SSEPs returning at 50%.  I was denied social security benefits stating that the reason being, the doctors said that I MAY GET BETTER.  That's BULL SUGAR!  It was not known that a tumor was present until I was opened up for surgery. The urgency of surgery was based on the diagnosis of the Spinal Fluid.  I don't understand why the doctor doesn't express that same sense of urgency now.  What should be done now, now that I've been diagnosed with a repeat of the Syrinx?  Shouldn't the doctor have the same sense of urgency?   A response to my questions and any other suggestions or info you can provide will be so greatly appreciated.  MzMary  

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