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Leg,calf and foot pain

  It starts out from my lower back (or so it seems)when I am in a sleeping or resting position after 3-4 hours. I then am awakened by a throbbing,grabbing, burning ( constriction type )pain that emanates from my left buttocks and radiates down my left and sometimes right leg,calf and foot.  Once Iam up and about for serveral min. I experience some relief, and at other times such as a simple act of standing up, sitting down, (without moving or walking) causes constriction,squeezing,throbbing,grabbing and burning around my left calf muscle.
  I have had 3 MRI's - 2 of the lower back and lower lumbar and 1 of my left calf. Two EMG's, a 3 hour surgar test (all fine ) and 6 wks of PT. I have experienced no change. I have tried several different medications: amtripolline, quinine, and neurontin, nothing seem to work.  I am presently taking Propacet for Pain and ambian for sleep. The Propacet does not at all relieve my pain, it only makes me high and ineffective.
  I am a 48yr.old female, 125lbs., who up until last March worked out 3 times a week, doing aerobics, weights, nautilus, or fast walking/jogging. Now, a short walk will aggravate and intensify the pain already present. I can feel something actually wrapping around and compressing my left foot,calf and sometimes my knee.
  One doctor has suggested that I may have a pinced nerve that can be treated with meditcation. As I have already stated above, no meditications seem to give me any relief at all.  Should I consider a trip to CCF for a valid second opinion ? Is their a possibility that a non-intrusive procedures such as steroid injection and or nerve blocks could be performed? Could you breifly explain these procedures and what would determine explorataion of the spinal canal looking for root compression or adhesions.
  Thank you
Thanks for the question and sorry to hear about your proble. Sounds like you have had fairly extensive testing without finding an answer as of yet and that can be very difficult. I guess the other are to explore with this is vascular and you may wish to see a vascular medicine specialist to determine if thhat could be a locus for your problem. Unless a cause could be found it would be unlikely that anyone would do a spinal exploration and you should be very uneasy about that as an approach. Steroid blocks are also invasive and the concerns have been well documented in the archives several times before which you can look up. With as much trouble as you seem to be having I would consider a second opinion at CCF. You can call 216 444 5559. Good luck
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