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I have been experiencing severe lightheadedness (I just feel spacey or like I'm going to faint but don't) for the past year while driving or walking quickly. Afterwards, I feel kind of shaky for a while.

I saw my doctor and he ran some blood tests (nothing showed) but said he'd take my licence away if I came back to see him about it. While I understand he needs to protect himself in case I get in an accident, I desperately need a vehichle for my job and to take care of a terminally ill relative. So I haven't been back to see him. I also had a complete eye exam that was normal.

I don't get lightheaded when I walk slowly and it happens very seldomly and not severely if I'm just driving slowly around town. It only seems to occur when things are moving quickly around me. I haven't been able to attribute it to diet or sleep and I'm not nervous or even thinking about it when it happens (it always seems to happen "out of the blue" and very quickly). It is starting to affect my day-to-day activities.

I have a history of migraines and headaches (I'm not sure if that's relevant). Any ideas of what it might be causing these problems? Any advice recomendations would be appreciated.
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Unfortunately I cannot give you a clinical diagnosis over the internet, so you should see a specialist for this problem also, for example a neurologists or syncope/cardiac doctor

the symptoms could be for a vairiety of reasons, including heart related, an inner ear problem, a problem with your blood pressure regulation, or even seizures.

One of the most common reasons is blood pressure - make sure you are well hydrated, try wearing compression stockings, take salt in your diet. An echocardiogram, tilt table test, and EEG may be needed to complete your evaluation

Driving priveledges are revoked in the case of any loss of consciouness while driving that is undiagnosed, or recurrent

Good luck
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Sounds like you may have a problem with your balance organs (in your ears). Best bet would be to be referred to your local audiology department - they will be able to test you and recommend treatment
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I am a 47 year old female. One year ago I felt a pop in my head and got extremely dizzy and everything was jumping for about 6 seconds. The same  
evening I had 2 severe pains on the right side of my head above the temple.
MRI showed a lesion on the right side of my brain.  One year later new MRI
shows 3 new lesions on left side of brain.  I did have two to three
instances where I had severe pain on the left side of my head for a few
seconds and then gone.  I mentioned this to my doctor before
the second MRI.  I believe that I can feel the lesions as they occur.  I
was diagnosed with MS two weeks ago and put in the hospital for 3 days
of 500mg IV prednisone twice a day.  I was given insulin every 4 hours because my sugar went high from the prednisone.  I am not a diabetic, but I did have
gestational diabetes when I was pregnant.  I went Monday for a 2 week
follow up and the doctor told me that he was reversing his diagnoses
because my spinal tap came back normal with no proteins that he said
would be present had I had MS.  Also, the eeg etc was normal. My Dr stated that he can not explain the changes in my head and I should come back in three months.  I asked if the lesions could be strokes and he said no. I do have a
family history of strokes.
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I'm 48 years old and have been suffering from increasing pains in both feet for two years. The pains take the form of sore, often swollen toes and patches, painful arches which can be dull pain or searing pain just like a severe sprain (this can prevent me from walking for several days). At no time has any physical event or injury triggered these symptoms - they just appear from nowhere. I also have mild osteoarthritis in both big toes caused by gout.

The problem became more acute last November when the pains in the arches became worse on a business trip - from that point forward I have also suffered from continual dizziness and extreme fatigue and the foot pain has increased in frequency and severity.

Numerous investigations (including a Neurologist) turned up nothing apart from recent activation of Epstein Barr virus (possible link with fatigue) and slight splenomegaly accompanied by slightly low platelets (135) and lymphocytes. I am told all these issues are consistent with active EBV.

I have just had fusion surgery to correct a spondylolisthesis at L5/S1 and the surgeon observed that the nerves at L5 were trapped and very inflammed - he advised that this will take some months to settle down.

Therefore, my questions are :

1) Can these  various types of foot pain be explained by the trapped inflammed nerves at L5 (my Osteopath says it can but other medical professionals are sceptical) ?
2) If these pains are not caused by this injury can you think of any other condition that can cause this type of symptom (I very seldom experience general tingling/burning over a large area - the pain is usually fairly localised and resembles pain caused by trauma/injury)

Many thanks
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Dont worry about the EMG. It is little pokes with a needle. Not even enought to draw blood.
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