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Looking for anwers to a health issue

My boyfriend who is 53 years old was diagnosed with Lupus about a year ago.  I have notice a GREAT change in him within the last six months.  He went in for an annual check up and they did lab work etc. and everything came back fine.  

I watch him daily and notice many physical changes in him; wight loss, aging rapidly and blood shot eyes and seems tired.  I came home from one work one day and saw him lying down complaining of a severe headache and pain and dryness in his eyes.  I asked him to go in and get a second opinion and I would appreciate any feedback.

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I was diagnosed 5 years ago.  Considering the severeness of this illness I feel fortunate to be dealing daily with lupus arthritis, fatigue, raynauds, and small-vessel vasculitis.  I have also tested posirtive for Antiphospholipid syndrome.  However, I pace myself and make my own schedule for everything.  Sometimes I sit and rest 5 or 6 times during doing the dishes and grocery shopping is done only when I feel i can walk around for 20 minutes.  Be patient.  My husband is the only one who really understands because he sees me at my worst.  The doctors usually don't as I won't leave my house if I look like ****.  You can have a negative ANA or lupus test and still have symptoms.  Sometimes I think I feel worse than when my ana was positive and it can be frustrating...I start questioning the diagnosis and feel I'm going crazy.  I'm president of a community theatre and have been an actor in the community theatre circuit for over 18 years.  Adreneline is the best drug ever and lots of people comment that they wish they had my energy!!!It'm my secret, but usually I need to nap before a 3 hour rehearsal and I don't do strenuous anything on rehearsal days.  This does control your life but learning how your body responds is key.  I have felt more in control since the diagnosis because now I know what;'s wrong with me!  I'm not manic, I'm not crazy and no not everyone feels like I do.  Lupus fatigue creeps up slowly sometimes and I can turn into a whiny baby If I don't recognize that I am tired.  It's like carrying barbells on your arms and legs all day long.  Makes it hard to wash your hair or hold up a newspaper.  Graduallly, I think your hubby will be in tune with the disease and be able to cope the best that we can!  Dry eyes, headaches and pain are more lupus things...my list of stuff gets bigger just when I think I know everything about this disease.  One day when I was feeling physically well my doctor called and said my ANA titer was very high.  I laughed and said 'Oh well, that's dumb cause I feel fine'.  Later that night I cried because I realized for the last several weeks I had posponed friends invites, called in sick for my catering job, stopped answering the phone and more door and went ' my good God, it's making me depressed.  Lupus raises it's head in many ways.  I still like wolves, though...
Good Luck to you
I hope your husband gets to the bottom of it and starts to feel better soon!
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The symptoms that your friend is experiencing may be a warning sign of an impending flare of the disease. Symptoms like fatigue, pain, headache, dizziness, rash, fever, abdominal discomfort are early warning signs of a flare.
I would suggest you to schedule an appointment with his treating doctor as soon  as possible, as early recognition of warning signs is important for the patient, as it helps improve the quality of life and reduces medical visits later on.

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