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Looking for some ideas as to these symptoms

I am hoping someone can give a few ideas about my scenario.
I have been seening doctors for my issues and so far no progress has been made.

First off, I am hypothyroid. I have autoimmune thyroiditis.  I am on synthroid and have been taking it since May 2002.  Up to this point I am considered at normal levels for TSH and T4.  Regardless of this, I have had no noticable improvements.
Since August 2002 I have had these symptoms:
-tired all the time
-soreness in muscles
-stiffness in muscles
-extreme fatigue
-perceived weakness
-shortness of breath
-plugged sinus everyday all day and with every swallow I am clearing mucous from my throat.

In september I began to have these symptoms in addition:
-tingling feet and hands
-shakey feelings in body
-slight loss of balance

They checked my lungs and heart and checked for diabetes, and all that stuff checked out ok.

In the last month I have begun to get numbness in my right foot and right hand off and on with fasciculations showing up all over my body.  They can happen anywhere and occur all day long.  Eye twitching and leg and arm muscles the most frequent.
In addition, I seem to be needing to swallow more to clear mucous and excess saliva from my mouth.
I don't seem to have lost any weight at this point.

I am 26 years old and have not been in very good physical shape for the last few years.  Pretty inactive, probably due to being quite tired all day long.

any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.
thank you
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Some of the symptoms may be due to general deconditioning (being inactive for prolonged periods of time) that may have led to a vicious cycle of inactivity while a component may be related to the hypothyroidism. If the sensory and motor problems bother you significantly, you may want to consider seeing a neurologist for a formal exam and possibly an EMG to rule out a primary muscle problem or peripheral neuropathy. In the meantime, your primary care doc can order some routine labs to check for electrolyte disorders, anemia, and muscle proteins (CK and aldolase).  Unless the weakness can be objectively found on an exam rather than just being perceived, it would be unlikely that just fatigue, muscle aches and fasiculations would equal ALS. Good luck.
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Have you had an MRI and MRA with contrast done.  It sound to me (I'm not a Dr.) like you have two different things going on, one with sinuses and the other neurological.  The MRI and MRA will tell you if anything's going on in your brain that needs some attention.  Good Luck!
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this is my opinion. i have anxiety where my head shakes in social places or if some one is paying a lot of attention to me but im not afraid of people. it looks like i would be saying no really fast. then i feel a pull wanting my head to go to the right and stay there. i do experience tingling in my feet and my hands especially at night. ive noticed when im in a good mood which is rarely, that i dont feel it as much. what im driving at is, i know that a thyroid problem gives the same symptoms of depression and most anxieties. dont go crazy thinking anything major is wrong with you eventhough your going to have other test done. i think it makes you feel worse. i would bet your just experiencing the crapyness of the feelings thyroid problems cause. i would ask for a different presciption first.
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oh also, before the shaking
( also head jerks) ocurred ive experienced for 5 years muscle sorness like when you get a virus. mostly in my leggs and a few years before that i actually couldnt walk to good. i felt like i was walking with glass in my legs. that disapeared and turned into the sore muscles acompanied by dizzyness. i took zoloft and it went away. zoloft didnt take my anxiety away. for other readers i am on wellbutrin for a severe depression i had because it has no side affects. i am seeing a theripist/psychiatrist and still searching for the right meds. anxiety can do alot to a person. i did take a low mg of a mood stablizer called nourontin. i take it only at night. it helps me stay a little commer when i take it during the day but then i become stupid. oh well, best of luck.
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all your symtoms are like mine and manny other people i know at work. It all statred for us with a burning in the back of the neck.  Have you ever had that one?  Your dizzyness and lose of balance is it all the time or just went getting up out of a chair for example?  Are you from DE?
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I am a 23 year old male and have had very similar symptoms over the past 10 1/2 months.  I also have Hashimoto's and have been treating it for approximately 5 months now.  Nevertheless, my symtoms still persist.  My symptoms include muscle stiffness/soreness, fasciculations, shakiness, etc...  I also noticed extreme fatigue (couldn't walk for more than 1/4 a mile without being extremely tired).  The fatigue slowly went away and I am now working out regularly now with no problem at all.  I have been told by a variety of doctors (including the Mayo Clinic) that I have Benign Fasciculation Syndrome.  You may want to look at www.aboutbfs.com for more info on this.

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