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I started taking lorazepam(0.5mgx2/day)for anxiety and propranalol(40mg)for tremors over ten years ago. I was weaned off of propranalol three months ago, due to low blood pressure, which was diagnosed as neurocardiogenic syncope from a borderline tilt table test. We tried Toprol XL(50mg/day) and it did not help and discontinued. My tremors have came back, but are manageable. Until 2 weeks ago, I was having at least 7 episodes of pressure in the head and weak, like I was going to pass out. I saw a neurologist last week nearby and he said it is not neurocardiogenic syncope,but more anxiety(I have trouble standing/walking for any length of time) and prescribed Lexapro(10 mg/day). I do not like the side effects of this drug and have not started it yet, due to blood tests(thyroid) and 24 hour urine test I needed to do Monday. The doctor said the Lexapro will get me off the lorazepam. Is this the case? We have tried to wean the lorazepam 5 months ago slowly, but anxiety increased, so we went back to the original dose. Is this anxiety that I am having?
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Lorazepam is in a grud group called benzodiazepines. Drugs in this group if used for longer than the short term (around 4-6 weeks) can result in chemical dependence on the drug. Also these drug exhibit 'tolerance'- the longer youtake it the less the effect of teh same dose.
For these reasons it is not good to stay on these drugs in the long term (except in certain situations like chronic epilepsy)

Coming off these drugs can be difficult as reducing the dose can resultin withdrawal symptoms or rebound symptoms (like anxiety). Reducing the dose slowly over time, sometimes with the use of other drugs like lexapro to reduce anxiety is the best way to come off it. Lexapro has LESS potential for side effects than lorazepam - it is one of the anxiety meds with the least side effects - give it a try over at least several weeks
Good luck
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