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Loss of vision in left eye

  I have lost some vision in my left eye.  It is most noticeable at night after I have turned out the light.  I just do not see the light as well as I used to.  I have also lost some of my color vision in my left eye.  Am wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms?  Any suggestions?  I went to my eye doctor, who sent me to an opthamologist, who acted like it was nothing.  I would appreciate any feedback.  Thanks!
Dear Kat
The loss of vision in one eye could be due to many causes.
It could be due to lesion in the eye itself (outer segment as surperficial as cornea, or inner eye such as in the retina), the nerve (optic nerve), or the brain (although unlikely if the loss of vision is in one eye only).
Any loss of vision in one eye should be dealt with seriously. If the ophthalmologist thought that there is no lesion or problem in the eye, I would suggest that you see a Neurologist with special interest in Neuroophthalmology. At the Cleveland Clinic, we have Dr Patrick Sweeney who can be called by dilaing 1-800 CCF CARE.
I hope that my responses will help you
Good luck

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