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Lower Rag Cage Lumbar Surgery

  June 3, 1998, I had a lower Ray Cage procedure, on L4,L5,S1. I had hoped this would help with my severe pain from a back injury in 1996,
  in which I had surgery(lower l4-L5, S1), because of the deteriation I tried
  injections and everything possible before I had the Ray Cage. On June 5, 1998 I went home from the
  surgery, June 8, was taken by ambulance back to the hospital 200 miles away from my home with an
  wound infection, my spine had to be packed for 2 1/2 months from an hole that
  would not stay closed after the 2nd surgery(incision revisal). The problem
  now--I have not had one day without extreme pain, swelling, and spasams,loss of sleep, I only get
  about 2-3 hours of sleep per night. No medication helps, and I am allergic to most anyway. Now, I am
  scheduled for another milogram and catscan to show just how much nerve damage there is going to be. I have worked since July,
  because I cannot survive without my paycheck, but I am in constant pain. What can I expect in regards
  to getting free from pain, and to have less of a disability ? I am most upset because I got my infection at the hospital, I
  believe that the infection caused most of the nerve damage. I had the 2nd surgery June 9, 1998, and my plastice surgeon finally
  closed the opening on August 15, 1998. I have always been so active, now I can not do many of the
  activities(including something as simple as putting on a pair of nylons)
Dear Sonja,
Your situation is unfortunate.  Wound infections do sometimes occur after such procedures as you had and they can be difficult to manage.  Much of the prognosis and what needs to be done at this point depends on the myelogram and CT to be done.  This will determine whether there is any 'fixable' compression of nerves or the spinal cord.  One small positive in these situations is that the inflammatory reaction from the infection often helps to form an incredibly solid fusion in the long run.
We hope things work out for you.
Good luck.

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