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Lower back/hip pain, numbness & twitching in legs

Hey all, I have been looking for answers to my problem but haven't found all of my symptoms rolled into one. So here I am. I will just try and make it simple with a list.

I'm 22, and this has been going on for about 4 years, and growing exponentially the last 7 months or so. I also have a pronounced arch in my back.

1) My lower back hurts when I lay down, feels like it is being compressed, it helps to put a pillow under it but only to an extent.
2) My right hip hurts most of the day. Biggest thing that helps that is popping it. I can sit/lay down, knee out to the right and most of the time pop it, sometimes I can't pop it and it feels like some range of motion is lost. It fixes it for a little bit then seems to build back up over time.
3) When I lay on my back, my legs feel like they loose circulation. Right leg more than the left. I don't always get the pins and needles, I mostly just start to feel cold spots in my legs, mostly my foot.
4) I lately (month or so) started to feel twitching in muscles in my legs when I lay down. Seems random (no time intervels). Agian, happens more in my right leg, but happens in my left leg as well.
5) Once in a while (once maybe every three days) I feel sharp pains in my right leg like my sciatic nerve is being pinched. Doesn't always last long, and if at the time I can pop my hip, that almost immediately relieves it.
6) Last week or so, the twitching has moved towards my upper body (thumb, forearm, chest, sides), arms seem more of a "jump" than a twitch, but I don't know if it is related to my back problem or not.

My diet isn't horrible, and I drink alot of water. I have been wondering if it is stress related or not.

Thank you for any input.
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