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Lower neck discomfort/Swollen lymph nodes/warm feeling lower neck/back shoulders...

I'm going to try a chronological order to better describe what I'm going through...

Jan 1st: Had a bad cold with sore throat,bad sinus congestion,sneezing,etc...no fever.

Jan 9th: Went straight to the ENT because of the sore throat.Spent less than 20 min. in Dr.'s office! He recomended a CT Scan of the Soft Tissues of the Neck with IV Contrast to make sure everuthing was "ok" inside the throat.

Jan 23: CT Scan results visit with ENT.Says he didn't find nothing abnormal aside from some lymph node swelling that he would like to monitor.Also recomended a "Sinus-Scan" because in the Neck Scan he saw some congestion in my sinuses.

Jan 26:While waiting for my next visit with the ENT,start feeling pain and discomfort on both sides of my neck and on the back,where the scalp meets the neck.Something like when you "sleep wrong" and your neck hurts.

Feb 10th:Back to the ENT office for "Sinus-Scan" results and take the opportunity to tell the Doctor about the pain and discomfort I start feeling in my neck since the last visit...Sinus-Scan results=OK,aside from some inflammation.As soon as I mention to the Dr. about the neck pain and discomfort I was now feeling,he gave me this weird look,like;"hmmmm,let's see..." I was very surprise by it,needless to say,worry about it! He told me right away that he didn't know where the pain was coming from.I was thinking,well,that's why I'm here too,to find out,right?!?
He said he was going to send me to see another Dr. for a "second opinion"?!? I never heard the 1st opinion in the first place! And now he's telling me that the results of the Neck Scan were NOT NORMAL! Now I'm really worried!
Come to find out he send me to see another ENT! Why??? No further tests or X-Rays or nothing!

Feb 15th:While waiting for the appt. for my "new" ENT,I start having a warm feeling around areas of my lower neck and the back of my shoulders as well as some sharp pains next to my clavicles bones and upper chest! All this symptoms on and off since then and never having a fever! Just the feeling of warmth and on/off pain...

March 4th:Went for my second ENT appt. and,once again,didn't spent 15min. in his office! I brought my Neck and Sinus Scans results and he said he looked at them...Check inside my throat with the scope,inside my ears and felt around my neck...He then went on to tell me that he sees "nothing wrong" and that he can't find any indication of lymphoma or nothing suggesting Cancer.No blood tests,No X-rays no nothing!!! When I ask about the pain and discomfort and the warm feeling he said that "that was normal" with lymph node sweeling.That it was probably a past infection and that it should pass and recomend for me to go to my MD to check why the pain and discomfort!

I am very tired of getting no answers whatsoever on what is going on and been treated like a cow going to the slaughter house.It is amazing the lack of sensibility from some of these so called "professionals" in the Health Care Industry.I have an appt. with the MD on Tuesday and Im just praying that I get,1st of all,a sensible Dr. and 2nd,some answers as to what is going on.
If anybody here is going through something similar and get their condition diagnose,PLEASE! share some light and let me know.May God bless you and Good Luck!
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