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Lump at the back of my skull

I've noticed a lump at the back base of my skull on the left side.  It's hard, extends from a little ways behind my L ear to the middle of my skull and bulges out like a big goose egg.  I've had chronic ear problems, feel dizzy and light headed and also have quite a lot of head and neck pain and pain in the area of the "bulge".  I saw a Dr. of Otology and Neurotology who said I need surgery on my ear due to a retracted ear drum and mastoid problems.  Would the lump at the back of my skull also be a mastoid issue that will be taken care of when he does the ear surgery, or could it be something else?  Thanks.
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Unfortunately this question it outside my area of expertise.  One would have to determine what the bump was. It could be made of bone, a muscle spasm, or enlarged lymph glands. If you have an ear infection then this could result in enlarged lymph nodes, You should ask your question to an ENT doctor. Good luck.
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