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MRI Results

Could you please explain the MRI results in terms I may understand?
Findings: There is no focal marrow replacement identified. No compression fracture is identified. There is no syrinx identified in the cord. The atlantoaxial jiont appears unremarkable. The visualized portion of the posterior fossa is unremarkable.
At c2-3 there is no canal stenosis or neurl foraminal enroachment identified. The facels appear unremarkable.
Ar c3-4 there is a disc buldge diffusely, with a small componant of central disc protruion, with borderline canal stenosis, withour cord compression. The neural foramina appear patent.
At c4-5 no canal stenosis or neural foraminal encroachment is identifed.
At c5-6 there is a central disc protrusion identified, with mild canal stenosis, which does come in contact with the cord, without cord compression.
At c6-7 there is disc bulge diffusely with mild canal stenosis, without cord compression. mild right foraminal narrowing is identifed.
At c7-t1 there is no canal stenosis or neural foraminal encroachment identified
in the upper thoracic spine, there is no significant canal stenosis identifed
when compared to the prior examination of 04/01/05 the c3-4 small disc protrusion is a new finding. The c5-6 idsc protrusion is a new finding. the c6-7 disc bulge is once again present. the prior described disc protruaion is not as well appreciated on todays examination.
Impression: 1. New formation of disc protrusions at c3-4 and c5-6 compared to the prior examinaion of 2005. Mild canal stenosis at c5-6 is identified, without cord compression.
2. c6-7 disc bulge, with mild canal stenosis, with foraminal narrowing towards the right.

the doctor that read this is hard to understand. he is going to do injections into my neck for pain. injections previously didn't work. I don'tunderstand exactly what this MRI meant so if someone should help me out I would appreciate it.
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