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MRI Results

My doctor went over the results, but I would like more clarification on how serious they are. Below are the results:

FINDINGS:  For the purpose of this study, lowermost axial disc space is presumed
L5-S1. Moderate bilateral facet arthrosis L5-S1; left side more affected.
Moderate to severe bilateral facet arthrosis L4-L5. Mild to moderate bilateral
facet arthrosis L3-L4; right side more affected. Moderate bilateral facet
arthrosis L2-L3, L1-L2 and T12-L1 segments. Vertebral body height, alignment and
marrow signal unremarkable.
Mild circumferential disc bulging L4-L5. Posterior disc bulge component causing
minimal effacement anterior thecal sac. No posterior disc herniation or spinal
canal stenosis at any level of the lumbar spine. Mild bilateral neural foraminal
stenosis L4-L5.
Conus normal in location and signal. Paravertebral and paraspinal soft tissues


1. L4-L5 mild disc desiccation, circumferential disc bulging and bilateral
neural foraminal stenosis.

1. Multilevel facet arthrosis; more severe at the L4-L5 segment.
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Are you scheduled for a laminectomy?

I’ve had a laminectomy on my lumbar on my spine plus a three level fusion....what does the neurosurgeon reccomend ?
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I just got my MRI results back a week ago.  I'm not scheduled to meet with a specialist until June 22nd.  I'm currently looking for another specialist that can get me in sooner.
Well good luck and I feel you should get a couple of neurosurgeons opinions because if I had to do it again I would NOT have had a spinal fusion...it feels like there about 10lbs in your lower back. I had to get it removed..well most of it any because my spine broke of a piece of a screw and other hardware which is still in there to this day

Let me know what happens

I would seriously think about surgery before you do it. A laminectomy is fine..it helps
Thank you and I will.  I really don't want to have surgery, so it will definitely be a last resort when the pain is unbeaable.
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