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MRI Results

I have been having aching pain and numbness for a few years in both my arms and feet.  Recently gotten so bad that my right leg went numb and I ended up twisting my ankle and not knowing it until 6 hours later.  I have had MRI of the Brain, L Spine, and C Spine.. I have been told I have hyper reflexia / planter reflex? in right leg.  I have a limp because my leg muscles are always sore and tight.

NVC and EMG were normal - slight nerve entrapment on left elbow and wasted muscle on left foot.

The results of the MRI's as follows

Brain - Normal

L Spine
  l3-l4:  5mm broad-based central/right paracentral disc extrusion with caudal subligamentous extension, possible free fragment formation resulting in central 8.5mm, mild right lateral recess stenosis

  l4-l5:  Mild bilateral recess, right foraminal stenosis in association with broad-based annular bulge, right foraminal protrusion, mild to moderate facet arthropathy.

  l5-s1:  Mild bilateral foraminal, borderline lateral recess stenosis in association with broad based central annular bulge spur complex, moderate bilateral facet arthropathy.

  Mild posterior disc spur complex is seen, primarily C4-C5 and C6-C7 without significant central canal stenosis.  There may be a subtle left-sided neural forminal encroachment at C4-C5 and right side neural foraminal encroachment at C6-C7

Question is where would you go from here?  I have an appointment at Mayo - for Evoked Potential and LP.  But want to make sure I am going down the right track.

I have attached the MRI for the areas of concern.
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Hi, as your brain MRI is normal, probably the symptoms like leg numbness is related with nerve pinch due to mild disc protrusion in lumbar spine. Spinal stenosis leads to leg weakness; in your case again it is of mild to moderate.

Surgery is not indicated for these kinds of mild findings, physiotherapy along with pain killers would suffice. But if symptoms are affecting daily routine, surgery is the only way out.
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Does the L-Spine affect the arms/hand/trembling ?  The biggest complaint over the 4 years has been pain in arms and legs.  It will start in one location then expand to the rest of the limbs.  It is severe enough to sit for a while, and advil doesnt seem to help.  Blood test are all normal. Now with the numbness that started 10 months ago, it seems to be getting worse.  I just have ignored it for a long time, and don't want to be one of those people that ignored sings of something significant.

Other wierd symptoms over the 4 years:  Vertigo, Short ( < 1 minute) hearing loss with ringing, Weakness in arms (cant lift over head for more than 1 minute), fatigue,  Difficulty swallowing (like I dont remember how!) liquid or nothing, Smell kerosene - when no one else can, short term memory loss, feet can't sense heat or cold - just pain, if my feet feel cold - they are usually warm,  Buzzing down arms - same in jaw.

Thanks again for your response!
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I met with new GP today, he said that I am positive for hyperreflexia and babinski's in right leg, and have deficit in left arm - unlar nerve. He recommends going to Mayoor UCSF to determine the cause of the Upper Motor Nueron problem.  He would assume that they will find something there.  The words he used were Stroke or other Neurological disorder.   Any insight?
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Hi, well your symptoms are quite related to upper motor neuron disease too. For more information visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motor_neuron_disease

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Thanks for your response, but I think Id rather have a back sugery or MS than MND :( I guess its not my choice after all.  Are there any suggestions I should try or explore before my Appt at the Mayo (June 23rd)?  Traction table or specific muscle exercise - to see if the symptoms start a reversal?
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