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MRI Results

After having an MRI w/ and w/o contrast these are the findings...
Large venous angioma in the anterior-medial aspect of the left cerebellar hemisphere, involving part of the brachium pontis.  The same area of cerebellar tissue, and adjacent cerebellar peduncle, show mildly increased t2 signal on t2 FSE and FLAIR series.
also there is an indistinct zone of increased T2 signal in the mid portion of the right temporal lobe, and there are patchy areas of T2 hyperintensity in the deep parietal white matter bilaterally.  These areas are not associated with contrast enhancement.

There is no infarction.DWI series is neg.  No evid of hemorrhage.  There is no mass effect, ventricles are symmetric and dural sinus flow voids are preserved.  The foramen magnum is open.

What does all this mean??  my symptoms are fatigue
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Hi there.

The venous angioma is an abnormal collection or expansion of blood vessels, and if compressing certain structures of the brain, this may lead to specific symptoms.  In your situation, it may be compressing the cerebellum which is necessary for fine movements and balance coordination, and I believe this is not enough or not likely to explain your symptoms of fatigue.  

The white matter hyperintensities may be a sign of demyelination, and I believe the discussion about possible MS should be made with your neurologist.

It is a good thing that there are no hemorrhages, and good flow of cerebral fluid.

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I left out the impression given as it relates to my MRI

Relatively large venous angioma, left cerebellum/brachuim pontis.  Mild t2 hyperintensity in the crebral white matter, mis right temporal lobe, and deepparietal lobes bilaterally.  Thse are not distinct, well defined lesions.  the appearance is not that of demyelinating disese, but a specific diagnosis cannot be made.  Complete neuro eval, possibly CSF (spinal tap?) analysis may be helpful.

I have had depression since the age of 6 (now 45) 22 concussions, migraines and viral menegitis.

I do not even know the paet of the brain that are spoken about other than the cerebellum
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