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MRI Study of the Lumbosacral Spine

Hi Doctor and anyone

Can someone explain this if i needed surgery for this? Or any rehab? Thanks for your time.

There are focal concavities at the inferior margin of T11, superior margin of T12, superior margin of L4 and S1 indicative of Schmorls nodes. There is decreased signal intensity of L5-S1 on the FSE T2-weighted study.

There is posterior disk bulge at the level of L4-L5 without canal compromise. Central and right-sided posterior disk herniation is appreciated at L5-S1 resulting to mild spinal and neural canal stenosis.

Conus medullaris ends at T12-L1 interspace. Cauda equina is not thickened.

Vertebral height and marrow signal are preserved.

Normal lordotic curvature of the spine is maintained. Clear paravertebral spaces.


          SCHMORL'S NODES, T11, T12, L5 AND S1.



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I cannot comment on the accuracy of this report without seeing the films but if this is correct, it sounds like relatively mild degenerative disc disease and would not require surgery. You need to talk about this anytway with the doctor that ordered the test. Depending on your symptoms, most patients with degenerative disc disease improve or resolve with conservative therapy such as PT. Surgery is indicated usually when there is evidence of damage to the nerves such as muscle wasting or weakness or loss of bladder control.

Good luck
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I forgot to add my info.

Im male, 27 years of age. Im 5'8 and 130-135 pounds.

Im feeling pain sometime in my right hips,  buttock, posterior thigh, calf and heels of the foot. Sometimes it will transfer to the Left hips......etc. But majority is in the right side.

Why is if After I sleep the pain will trasfer to the other side of my body?

Is my findings also the same with other people? I mean is this findings usual?
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I've had an MRI of my back done ane the findings are: scoliosis convex left. Desiccation of the discs at L4-L5 and L5-S1 with small annular tear at L5-S1. A hemangioma is present in the L3 vertebral body. At L3-L4 demonstrates there is mild disc annular bulge and asymmetric left facet pypertrophy resulting in mild narrowing at the inferior aspect of the left neural foramen. There is also narrowing of the left lateral recess and disc annylar bulging could impinge on the L5 nerve root within this recess. At L5-S1 there is mild spinal stenosis, the thecal sac is displaced to the right within the right lateral recess and this lateral recess is mildly narrowed. There could be impingement on the right S1 nerve root at this level, and there could also be impingement on the exiting L5 nerve root. A Tarlov cyst is present at the level S1. What does all this mean in "dummy terms" and what can be done about it? I'd appreciate any non-medical terms to explain what is wrong with my back and cures for it.

Carolyn Lytle
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I have a mild central L4-L5 degenerating disk bulging, what is the possibility that the condition will worsen?
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