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MRI fear

hi, ive just attempted to ave an MRI scan done for ny neck, ive been in constant chroinc pain for months, i thought i would be fine having the scan..boy was i wrong, i ended up a blubbering mess, feel very foolish now, not being able to go through with it, i know i HAVE to get this done....or do I?? would a CT scan give sane results, been told its a slipped disc that trapped a nerve and is causing pins and needles in left arm and hand and numbness all the time, im on pain killer co-codamol 500 and neproxen 500, but still in constant pain,
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  I have some of the same concerns and for that reason I always request an open MRI so that I can see whats going on the whole time. That is a specific version of the test but how the test itself works remains the same. A CT scan is a completely different test and might not show the same results. I also speak to the staff in advance about any accomodations I might need. I have generally acheived positive results and they have been able to run the tests without any concerns. If you have any specific phobias you might try posting in the anxiety forum as well.
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  Hi..as the above poster mentioned there r open MRI's to help those afraid of the close space....but not all areas have them...so do call around..

The other thing is u can get medicated so as to help calm u down b4 going in....I was nervous and decided to keep my eyes closed and pretend the sound was men working on the road outside...I visualized that and was able to relax enuff to stay in the amount of time needed....now I have had so many I can fall asleep inside.

Ask for what is available in ur area and which type of machine is needed as I know the open may not be as strong....so it really depends on ur Dr and what he feels the issue is.

Good luck
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