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MRI of Brain

Hello Dear Respectful Doctors my Father ( 59 year old Orthodontist whom is not diabetic nor hypertensive but has general neuro weakness all over his body developing since the last 2years) was admitted into the emergency department one week ago after he developed what the Doctors first diagnosed as Stroke then Transient Ischemic Attack and then unknown due to the CT Scan and MRI showing nothing according to the neurologist present, he was sitting on the couch normally speaking when suddenly he felt extreme pain in his head and dizziness and difficulty to get up and walk , so i took him to the emergency department immediately and there he became much worse with the pain and dizziness increasing and his tongue was outside and to the left and he could not feel his left leg and arm completely and general weakness in all his body , the ICU doctors put him on TPA where he improved alittle bit more and now is recovering in the hospital, he can now feel and slightly move his left leg alittle bit but the sensation in his upper left limb is completely absent until now , the Neurologist in charge of his treatment said the MRI showed nothing and that they suspected Parkinson Plus Syndrome andthey placed him on Carbidopa , kindly we would like to know what happened was him was a stroke or not because all the ICU doctors and Internal Medicine Doctors andNeurologist present diagnosed it at such looking at his symptoms then but then the second neurologist said it was not a stroke because the MRI showed nothing , and kindly if any help can be given as to what has happened with my Father and what is his diagnosis and how we can direct him in the right way for treatment and recovery, My Father is a 59 year old Orthodontist he was working 2 nights before the sudden collapse stroke episode took place, Ive attached his MRI pictures and kindly ask you to look at it and give your kind good opinion.
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There are 10 further Brain MRI photos from different angle i can provide if requested, kindly help me diagnose what my father is going through so we can help him
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Here is another 2 MRI view of the Brain and upper neck taken


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Also i would like to mention that my Father was admitted into the emergency department six months ago after he got sudden severe neck pain posteriorly the neurosurgeon then put him on heavy pain killers and 4 sessions of physiotherapy and thats all , my father's neck became worse over the 6 months with no improvement in terms of the pain , an MRI was done and they said it was normal cervical degeneration and its not causing him the knife extreme pain he feels in the back of his neck
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