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MRI results showing lesions

I'm new, and I don't know where to post this question.  I'll try to keep it short.  Two recent MRI results have showed lesions in the periventricular area, frontal lobes, and left parietal region of my brain----two to three tiny white matter changes, and I'm assuming these are separate sets of lesions.  My neurologist has spotted a lesion on the medulla area as well.

I have symptoms of heat intolerance, visual disturbances, double vision when looking to the side--(but this could be normal), severe fatigue, problems with balance and walking gait---more so with walking gate, short term memory problems, slurred speech ect.  These are symptoms I have had for at least three years consistantly.

However, here's where it gets confusing.  I'm also diagnosed with POTS-(postural orthostatic syndrome), EDS (ehlers danlos syndrome), cervical/cranial instability due to the EDS, congenital cervical spine stenosis, small posterior fossa/possible chiari-0---not likely a problem, several hernial/bulging disks in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, and one ruptured disk in T-8-9 level.

The EDS can cause heat intolerance, because not only does it involve my joints and ligaments, but also my vascular system---(poor vascular tone).  POTS causes severe fatigue.  I have very low blood pressures, tachycardia, digestive issues-----and other POTS symptoms, including orthostatic intolerance.  POTS also causes intolerance to heat.

My legs feel heavy---like lead, and it wipes me out to walk more then 100 feet. I can no longer do shopping on my own ect.  I can not walk accross a mall, or walk at a fast pace.  If I try to walk fast I will become extremely weak, and disoriented.  My legs also feel like it's  impossible to move that fast.  Both MRI reports referenced followup for demyelinating process, or small vessel ischemic disease.  High BP can be ruled out as a cause, because mine runs very low----sometime 85/60 sitting, and as low as 68/39 standing.  It's not consistant, and my BPs can be closer to normal, and the very low numbers are usually in the morning.  I just don't have issues with High BP unless I'm having a hyper adrengic crises that can sometimes come with POTS when the body tries to compensate for the OI, and low BPs----just as tachycardia does the same thing.

I se my neurologist on Monday, and she has already said the lesions could be caused by migraines.  I do not have migraines, and the only type of headaches I do get is at the base of my skull, and usually induced by activity, and poor body mechanics affecting my instability in the cervical/cranial region.

I'm wondering if this could be a demyelinating process??

Thanks for any input.

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Hi there

Crikey, with only a few exceptions, your description could have been about me!  I too have EDS, POTS, disc bulges, spinal cysts, weak legs etc (see my post today - one here and one under spinal surgery forum).  I too am seeking some answers, and am due to see a neurologist soon, so am doing some research before I get there so I know what to ask.

I would not dismiss the chiari malformation - have a look at the posts that come up under 'EDS and Chiari', as well as looking at the Chiari Institute videos and information.  Fascinating.  I'm beginning to think that this might be what is happening.  I am baffled by new neurological problems and this could explain a lot.

I hope this helps - good luck - you sound so similar to me it's amazing!
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I had a lot of these same symptoms.  I have been seeing a neuro for a year now. Tested for MS and a bunch of other things.  I noticed they happened on warm days or days I would get on the treadmill.  Hot showers and bathes would do it too.  He finally said I was having TIA's which were tiny strokes that dont show up on a MRI'.  I starting taking the asprin therapy that didnt do a lick of good.  He then did a test that detected a small PFO in my heart.  He wanted me to get this operation to seal it.  I went to a cardiologist and they said they wouldnt do it because 1/3 of the population has this hole and there is not enough evidence I am having strokes.  FRUSTRATING!  I really had my doubts that I was  having strokes.  I thought it had something to do with when I got hot or warm.
I started drinking a lot of water.  I am talking 1 gallon a day.  My urine never ran clear.  I also started taking some electrolytes.  I was doing some gatoraide but then switched to some drops.  I havent had ANY problems since.  Please look up Orthostatic Intolerance on nymc.edu/orthostatic intolerance.  See if you have some of those symptoms.
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bumping, if anyone has any insight that would be helpful

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