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MS, eczema and allergies -- any relation?

      Re: MS, eczema and allergies -- any relation?

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Posted by CCF Neurology MD on September 05, 1997 at 00:24:55:

In Reply to: MS, eczema and allergies -- any relation? posted by Julie on August 27, 1997 at 15:18:45:

: Beginning September 1996, I developed eczema on one of my hands and thumb. Then, in October 1996, I began to sneeze every morning, about 10 -15 times, upon awakening. Both the eczema and the sneezing are still problems. I have not gotten either under total control.
  Then, in March, I went into the hospital for slowed and slurred speech . Lab reports came back that I had a demyelinating condition and based on those reports, plus numerous MRIs that showed brain lesions,  I was told I was a "possible MS."
  I'm now seeing a dermatologist for the eczema, a neurologist for the MS and an allergist for the sneezing.
  My dermatologist told me I must have an inherited predisposition to eczema and that I wash my hands too much. And my allergist, after I was tested for allergic reactions to 60 substances, told me  I was allergic to only one thing -- guinea pigs, which I do not own.
  My question is -- has any study ever linked autoimmune disease such as MS with eczema and allergies? It seems odd that I should develop these problems within a 6-month span. Dr. Andrew Weil, in his book "Spontaneous Healing," notes that contact dermatitis sometimes precedes MS. I have seen no further research on the matter.
  Thank you.
Dear Julie:
I agree that there is relatively little literature that addresses the connection (if any) between MS and allergic/atopic disorders such as eczema, asthma, and hay fever. One study seems to suggest that such allergic conditions are actually significantly LESS prevalent in patients with MS.
I have little more to add.
In case you need a second opinion regarding your MS, you are welcome to the Mellen Center, an institution in Cleveland affiliated to the Cleveland Clinic, which is dedicated to MS patient care and research. This is one of the largest institution of it's type in the US. Any of the neurologists at the Mellen Center (Drs. Rudick, Kinkel, Cohen, or Ransohoff) would be very glad to advice you on any MS-related matter. The number to call for appointments is (216)444-8600 local, or (800)223-2273 toll free.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only. Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options of your specific medical condition.

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