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MS verses migraines?

I had an MRI due to headaches.  It showed no Chiari, which I feared due to several family members having it.  What it showed was "small nonspecific areas of abnormal T2 and FLAIR signal in the perventricular and deep white matter".  I'm unsure how I feel about my neuro telling me that is normal given my age (38) and that I have headaches.  He's decided that it has to be migraines.  My concerns are that my whole body hurts, I drop things all the time, facial paralysis that he just said he was unsure why, I have had drop attacks and currently have it's just like a strong overpowering smell that no one else can smell, decreased feeling in my left arm, it feels like someone has thrown hot water on my left hand and down my neck and back at times.  I just want to know if there is anything we can do to be sure of what this is, my family also has a strong history of lupus to include my mom and all her siblings have either lupus or autoimmune illnesses and I have a sister who has an autoimmune illness.  (I've had 12 m/c's but haven't been tested).  

Bottom line is, do I stay with this neuro or ask for a second opinion?  Are there any other tests I should ask for?  The pain is out of control and nothing so far helps.  

Thank you!
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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago, it's affecting my job, etc... but, I also have symtoms of MS, but, they did a brain scan, and it was not MS they said, i'm actually getting ready to go to a Rheumatologist, they deal with fibro and arthritis a lot, so, maybe that's who you should try seeing, i have more problems with my left side, the on fire feeling, is in my feet, so, maybe you should go see a rheumatologist, hey, i'm not even sure if I was diagnosed correctly at times with my fibromyalgia, and two doctors diagnosed me. I'm shooting for a 3rd and maybe some help. I can relate.
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MS can not be diagnosed only from the MRI image or the symptoms you have. It is a diagnosis of exclusion. When all other diagnoses are excluded, can one say that this might be MS.

You have not mentioned if CSF (Lumber Puncture) examination was done. Other tests to be done are EMG and nerve conduction study. But these are not "for" a diagnosis of MS.

Are you sure you consulted the Neurologist only for headaches ? Did you mention other symptoms as well ? I would not recommend changing the doctor. You may take an appointment and make him aware of your concerns. It is important to establish a good doctor - patient relationship.

Please keep me posted.

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I know how you feel. As I started having headaches over a year ago the is daily with a pain of 7-9 everyday plus I get 2-3 migraines a week on top of it. I Oct. I woke up one morning and all I could do was stutter when I talked first the doctors that it was a storke so we did an MRI with a CT Scan 3 days later. No stroke but white matter with T2 flair in the right frontal and right posterior of my head. They said due to my migraines. But then I had other problems my right side of face became numb, weakness in my body, blurred vision in my right eye with pain at times. My neuro sent me to a MS doctor becasue he couldn't be for sure eventhough the MRI was negative for that. The neuro said nothing but chronic complex migarines with daily headache syndrome. We tried every medicine possible for my headaches and migraine with no releive and only gained weight as some of the side effects. NO luck and still in a lot of pain and still can't talk very well. Went to Cleveland. They set-up other tests like EMG and vision test for optic nerutits due to the eye pain. All came back negative. I went for Botox injections a week ago the pain in my head is just getting worse and harded to work and deal with daily chorse at times. It makes me wonder do I maybe have an autoimmune diease order instead of something else causeing all my pain. I had test done for Rhumetoid and Lupus already negative we even tested for lyme disease in case.  I can't get a neuro doctor to do a lumber puncture saying that it isn't worth and too dangerous and that is 3 neuro's opionin. Am open for any suggestion.
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