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Hi doctor!
I am 23 years male. I  have numbing and tingling problem.It started with tingling and numbnesss on my right hand fingers. The fingers on the right hand had no power. I could not press the toothpaste tube easily. Next day numbing and tingling started on my right hand, and on legs and now on whole body even in my teeth of upper jaw.i also have bone pain on the tingling areas.I consulted with a physician. He sugested me to test blood for suger, but its normal. Blood pressure is also normal. He has given some tablets, but its not working. My exams are about to run but i am not in the situation to prepare for it.I am totally confused what to do! it had never happened to me. Please give me sugessions. Doctors can  help me by sending mails at ***@****
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I too have tingling all over my body after exhaling from a deep breath. It feels like tiny electric shocks all over. I have fibromyalgia. Wondering if this is related. Haven't found anything in fibro research about this. My hands, arms, feet and legs go numb after sitting still for just a few minutes, to the point where I have to shake my feet and hands to get the feeling back and the tingling and electric shock happens then also. I also get these electric tingles in the back of my neck when sitting at my computer at work after sitting there for an hour or so. When I wake up in the mornings, I am pretty numb all over and have to do flexes and stretches in bed in order to get up and get ready for work. I have excellent blood pressure, all blood tests are negative for any infection or disease other than the fibro and I do have osteoarthritis. This started happening about a month ago and has gotten worse. My family dr. says it's poor circulation. I am overweight but not obese. He said I need to exercise more and lose some weight and see if that helps although he hasn't offered me any type of program or diet to lose the weight.  Exercising is a struggle due to the fibro and the arthritis. I am going to start water therapy and see if that helps. I have searched and searched and can't find anything about this sympton other than it might be some type of nerve disorder. Going to see a neurologist as soon as I can afford it, which may be never. Have basically for now just learned to live with it.
Zoobzoob58 I have been going through the same thing for 2 week now with pressure in my ears and stiffness in the back of my neck  even in my face  I to have Fibromyaglia  .
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It could also be anxiety and panic related to stress, etc.
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I have all over body tingeling and numbness, the left side of my face will be completly numb. I have been to neurologist and had MRI of my brain all good, blood pressure great. A Dr. put me on Lyrica and it seemed to ease up to where I could function in Life and then 6 mths later it came back so he upped the dose of Lyrica to 150mg 3x a day that worked for 8mths and now it is coming back again, when it gets full blowen I can't sit or lay down, anything that touches my body burns, it seems to get worse later in the day then goes nuts towards night time. What do I try now that Lyrica no longer working?
Please someone help me.
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You might want to get your sciatica nerve checked out, but for me when my whole body went numb and paralyzed it started from the feet and then up. It started with my toes and then my hands and then my face the rest followed it was called gueillan barre syndrome. You might want to get a spinal tap done..
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Hi im a female, im 19 and have the same problem with my body going numb all the time it'll start with my hands, than go down to my feet. The weirdest thing is that my lips will go numb I'm kinda young for these kind of problems so any suggestions would help (:
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i am 19 years old and have the same problem i diagnosed with bilateral perivascular spaces have you ever done MRI for your brain ?
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