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Make It Stop

I have literally been dizzy for 3 years. It used to be occasional. Now it is daily and impairing my ability to function. I call it dizzy for lack of a better word. I am not spinning, the room is not spinning. More of a lightheaded, feeling of pressure. My ears ring 24 hours a day. There is pressure in my head, but no pain. My ears always felt like they needed to pop but never did. No pain. A week ago my ENT said I have Eustachian tube dysfunction and put tubes in my ears. Head pressure was gone for a few days, but it's back. I have high blood pressure currently under control with medication. I have hypothyroid, also controlled with medication. I have sleep apnea which I use a cpap for. I have a cyst on my ovary that has been there for 3 years and is benign. Not doing anything but sitting there. In the last year I have had the following tests and appointments:

Got new glasses. Went to chiropractor. Saw gastroenterologist and had upper GI and lower GI, everything normal. Saw gynecologist, nothing unusual except the above mentioned cyst. Had CT scan and MRI of head, neurosurgeon says all is normal. Had chest x-rays, nothing unusual. Had blood work, sugar, vitamins, basic metabolic,, everything within normal range. Have had Holter monitor, stress test, echocardiogram....all normal. Saw neurologist, was tapped with hammer, poked with pins and given various touch this do that tests. All normal.

WHY AM I DIZZY ALL THE TIME? I can't function like this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Have you been checked for POTS? Your symptoms sound a lot like mine when they first started. If they have not yet suggested this test or even given it a thought I would highly suggest you look into it. Best of luck!
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I can't say that the problem you have is the same as mine, however, it wouldn't hurt to get your neck checked out.  I had trouble with dizziness.  It was like everyday I was walking in waves.  I spent a year going from one kind of specialist to another with no one able to tell me what caused this problem.  Even to a ENT super specialist in dizziness.  finally I went back to my pcp and told him how frustrated i was and told him that the ENT told me the problem was vestibular v.  migraines, never had migraines of any kind before (and I'm not young).  He told me about a physician who specialized in migraines.  After an hour of the migraine specialist questions and tests, and the results of an mri, this specialist said it was my neck.  What a surprise, after all I had no pain in my neck.  She was right though.  She had had great luck with exercises for the neck and claimed they were better results than surgery.  it took several months before I saw results, but it helped a lot.  Apparently, arthritis in the neck was pushing on nerves. After the exercised helped get my neck back in alignment, things got better.  Maybe check it out just in case that's causing you these problems.  You never know.
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This sounds exactly like what I've been experiencing for about 4 months now.
It's definitely not BPPV and no room spinning, so the crystals and Eppley maneuver won't work.
About 2 months ago I woke with a muffled R ear.  Dr saw fluid behind eardrum.  I was told it was Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and take Sudafed/ibuprofen.
This didn't help much and I still have the dizzy/woozy/lightheaded feeling. BTW the dizziness started one month before the muffled ear and ETD diagnosis.
When I went back to Dr saying I still had dizziness he looked and said he no longer sees fluid.
Recommended an ENT dr but I have not gone yet.

Any resolution for you yet? Hope you're doing well. At this point, I am just trying to learn to live with it.
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Have you had the crystals in your eats realigned? Yes, this is a real thing. My husband was dizzy a lot and his primary care physician did a 10 minute procedure ( non invasive) with laying down, turning his head certain ways. Wow! Never knew about this, but it worked! It stopped his dizziness. The procedure has a name but I don’t remember what it is.
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First question is, did any of this start soon after starting any of your medications?  Second is, do you suffer a lot of allergies?  Did your ENT mention Miniere's Ear?  If the ENT cleared this up with the tubes, did you ask him what that meant for you long-term?  Did you do any follow-up since it helped as to what that meant for you?  Just some thoughts.
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